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Sayyad (Persian: صیاد, Hunter) is a serie of solid fuel surface-to-air missiles (SAM) manufactured by Iran.

Sayyad-2 (Hunter II)
A Sayyad-2 system of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force in 2015.
TypeMobile long range surface-to-air missile with anti-ballistic missile capability
Place of originIran
Service history
In service2015–present
Used byIran
Production history
Designed2011 or earlier[1]

PropellantSolid fuel
Sayyad-2: 40–45 km
Sayyad-2C: up to 75 km
Sayyad-3: 120-150 km
Sayyad-4: 210 km
Sayyad-4B: 300 km
Flight altitudeSayyad-2: up to 27 km
Sayyad-2C: up to 30 km
Sayyad-3: 27-30 km
Sayyad-4: 30-40 km
Maximum speed Sayyad-2: Mach 3.6-4
Sayyad-2C: Mach 4.5+
Sayyad-3: Mach 4.5-5.1


Sayyad-1 is the Iranian upgraded version of the Chinese HQ-2 SAM, however it differs from the Chinese versions in guidance and control subsystems. Sayyad-1 is equipped with an about 200-kilogram warhead and has a speed of about 1,200 meters per second.[2][3]


The Sayyad-2 is a canister-launched, reverse engineered version of the RIM-66 Standard Missile (SM-1) naval surface-to-air missile that Iran obtained from the United States before the 1979 revolution.[4] It is an upgraded version of the Sayyad-1 system with higher precision, range and defensive power. The range of the Sayyad-2 missile is not known. Different sources claim various numbers, from 60 km to 120 km.[citation needed]

After the unveiling ceremony in November 2013, it became clear that the Sayyad-2 missile looks similar to the SM-2 Standard SAM missile but its control fins are similar to the Iranian medium-range TAER-2 SAM missile.[5] It was also announced that it will have cooperation with the S-200 system via TALASH-2 interface system. It is planned that the Sayyad-2 missile will be added to Iranian Moudge-class frigates.[6] Iranian defense minister announced that Sayyad-2 covers the medium range and high altitudes and it has a combined guidance system.[7]

The launcher of Sayyad-2 missile that consists of 4 canisters in 2*2 configuration is one of the interesting things about this new Iranian surface to air missile because it has so much apparent similarity to American MIM-104 Patriot SAM system launchers.[8]


Mehrab is a naval version of the Sayyad-2.


Sayyad-3 is a similar missile, but with a long-range capability. It has a similar diameter as Sayyad-2 but a longer body with different wings and control surfaces. Based on current estimates Sayyad-3 has a range of about 150–200 km.[9] Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan stated the maximum range is about 120 km.[10] This missile will be added to SAM systems via the TALASH-3 system.[11] Sayyad-3 on Khordad 15 (air defense system) is capable of detecting, intercepting, and destroying six targets simultaneously. The system is capable of detecting fighter aircraft, cruise missiles and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) from 150 kilometres (93 mi) away and is able to track them within a range of 120 kilometres (75 mi) and the Sayyad-3 missile, used by the SAM system, has a range of 200 kilometres (120 mi).The system can also detect stealth targets from a distance of 85 kilometres (53 mi) and can intercept and destroy them within a range of 45 kilometres (28 mi)[12]

It appears that two new above missiles will be used in a similar manner to the Iranian long-range SAM system Bavar-373, to cover various ranges and altitudes.[9] The missile can also be fired by the Talaash Air Defense System.[13]



Sayyad-4 is the upgraded version of Sayyad-3 with more range and better maneuverability.


Sayyad-4B was revealed on 5 November 2022. It has a range of 300 kilometers. It is used by the Bavar-373 SAM system.[14]

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