Mohamad Ibnu Sayuti, known as Sayuti Melik, (born on November 22, 1908 in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Dutch East Indies - died on February 27, 1989 in Jakarta, Indonesia) was the Indonesian typist of the copy of the proclamation of independence, which was proclaimed by Sukarno on August 17, 1945.[1][2] He was the husband of Soerastri Karma Trimurti, a journalist and activist in the women's and Indonesian independence movements.[1]

Sayuti Melik
Sayuti Melik.jpg
Sayuti Melik
Mohamad Ibnu Sayuti

(1908-11-22)November 22, 1908
DiedFebruary 27, 1989(1989-02-27) (aged 80)
Spouse(s)S. K. Trimurti
ChildrenMoesafir Karma Boediman
Heru Baskoro


Melik was born on 22 November 1908 in Sleman, Yogyakarta. He went to Loro Ongko school in the village of Srowolan, and after that continued his education in Yogyakarta.

Nationalism has been instilled since childhood by her father to the small Suyuti. When the father against the Dutch government's policy to use his field for planting tobacco.

When studying at school teachers in Solo, 1920, he learned from his history teacher that nationalism nationality Netherlands, HA Zurink. In the teen years, he was interested in reading the magazine Moving Islam leader KH Misbach in Kauman, Solo, left-leaning scholars. When that many people, including Muslim leaders, see Marxism as an ideological struggle against colonialism. Of Kiai Misbach he studied Marxism. The first acquaintance with Bung Karno occurs in London in 1926.

His writings on politics cause he was arrested many times by the Dutch. Holland was arrested in 1926 for allegedly helping PKI and subsequently discharged into the Boven Digul (1927-1933). 1936 arrested England, imprisoned in Singapore for a year. After being expelled from the British territory was recaptured by the Dutch and taken to Jakarta, entered the cell at Central Gang (1937-1938).

Upon their return from exile, Sayuti met with S._K._Trimurti, and engage in a variety of movement activities together. Finally on July 19, 1938 they were married.

In the same year they founded the newspaper Rapid in Semarang, published three times a week with a circulation of two thousand copies. Because income is still small, the couple was forced to perform a variety of jobs, from editorial to printing business, from sales to distribution and subscription.

S._K._Trimurti and Sayuti Melik entry turns out jail due to their writing criticized Dutch government. Suyuti as former political prisoners exiled to Boven Digul always spied on the Dutch intelligence service (PID).

At the time of the Japanese occupation, March 1942 newspaper "rapid" locked down by the Japanese, S._K._Trimurti arrested by Kempetai, Japan also suspected Sayuti as a communist member.

On March 9, 1943, inaugurated the establishment of son ( People Power Center) headed "Gang of Four" Sukarno, Moh. Hatta, Ki Hajar Dewantara, and Kyai Mas Mansoer. When the Sukarno asked the Japanese government to free S._K._Trimurti, then took her to Jakarta to work in the Son, and then in Java Hookoo Kai, Devotional Association of People All Java. And then S._K._Trimurti and Sayuti Melik can live relatively peaceful. Sayuti continues to be at the Bung Karno.

Member of PPKIEdit

The Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI) was formed August 7, 1945 and chaired by Sukarno, replacing the Investigating Committee for Preparatory Work for Independence (BPUPK). There were initially 21 members, but, unbeknownst to the Japanese, the membership grew by 6 people including Sayuti Melik.

Rengasdengklok EventsEdit

Sayuti Melik was a member of the group 'Menteng 31', which played a role in the kidnapping of Sukarno and Hatta on August 16, 1945 . The young fighters, including Chaerul Saleh, Sukarni, and Wikana, with Shodancho Singgih, a member of the PETA, and another young man, brought Sukarno (along with Fatmawati and Guntur who was only 9 months old at the time), and Hatta, to Rengasdengklok. The aim was to ensure that Sukarno and Hatta were not persuaded or affected in any way by the Japanese.

Here, they re-assured Sukarno that Japan had surrendered and the fighters were ready to fight the Japanese, no matter what. In Jakarta, youth groups, Wikana, and groups of older people, namely Mr. Ahmad Soebardjo negotiated. Mr. Ahmad Soebardjo agreed to proclaim the independence of Indonesia in Jakarta. then asked Yusuf Ahmad Soebardjo Kunto to go Rengasdengklok. They brought Sukarno and Hatta back to Jakarta. Mr. Ahmad Soebardjo managed to convince the youths to not hastily declare independence.

Proclamation ManuscriptEdit

The original manuscript proclamation preserved in the National Monument

The Declaration of Independence was composed by Sukarno, Hatta and Achmad Subardjo at the home of Japanese Rear Admiral Maeda. Sukarni and Melik were present as witnesses on behalf of the youth revolutionaries. When finished, at dawn on August 17, 1945, the draft text of the proclamation was read to the audience. However, the youth group rejected it as they regarded the text as a product of the Japanese.

Amidst the tense atmosphere, Melik put forward the idea of Sukarno and Hatta signing the Declaration of Independence on behalf of Indonesia. After they consented, Sayuti immediately typed up a revised version of the declaration stating it was made on behalf of Indonesia rather than saying Sukarno and Hatta were representatives of the Indonesian people.

Post-independence eraEdit

After the Indonesian Independence he became a member of Central Indonesian National Committee (KNIP). In 1946 on the orders of Mr. Amir Syarifuddin, he was arrested by the Indonesian government as he was considered as close to 'United Struggle and considered conspiring and engaging in July 3, 1946 event. Having examined by Army Court, he was found not guilty. When going Dutch Military Aggression II, he was arrested and imprisoned in the Netherlands Ambarawa. he was released after the completion of KMB. in 1950 he was appointed a member of MPR and DPR-GR as Deputy Force '45 and became Vice Scholars.


Sayuti Melik died on February 27, 1989 after a year of illness at the age of 80. He was buried in Kalibata Heroes Cemetery


Sayuti Melik received the Star Mahaputra Nararya (Level V) of President Sukarno (1961) and Star Mahaputra Adipradana (II) of President Suharto (1973).


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