Sawlon of Mohnyin (Burmese: မိုးညှင်းစလုံ [móɲ̥ɪ́ɰ̃ səlòʊɰ̃]; 1486–1533) was saopha of the Shan state of Mohnyin in the early the 16th century. He is best remembered in Burmese history as the conqueror of Ava Kingdom.

Sawlon of Mohnyin
Saopha of Mohnyin
Reign1500s – 1533
PredecessorSawlon the elder[note 1]
Born2 April 1486
Sunday, 13th waning of Tagu 848 ME[1]
Diedc. January 1533 (aged 46)
Sawlon II

Sawlon led a confederation of Shan states, and raided Avan territory throughout the first quarter of the 16th century. (The earliest reported date in the Burmese chronicles of a raid led by Sawlon of Mohnyin came in 1502.[2] It is unclear if the Sawlon in 1502 was this Sawlon who would have been only 16 years old, then. The Sawlon in 1502 may have been Sawlon's father.)

By the 1520s, his confederation included Shan states of Kale (Kalay), Momeik, Bhamo as well as the Burman Kingdom of Prome (Pyay).[3] The allies accelerated their concerted attacks on Ava from all directions, and sacked Ava in 1524. But King Shwenankyawshin of Ava and his ally Hkonmaing I of Onbaung–Hsipaw continued their resistance. In 1527, his forces again laid siege to Ava where Shwenankyawshin fell in battle. Sawlon placed his son on the Ava throne, ending Ava's 163-year reign of Upper Burma. Ava became just another Shan state, and many Burmans fled to Toungoo.

Sawlon made a fateful choice of not attacking Toungoo Kingdom in the southeast of Ava. Instead, he chose to attack his erstwhile ally Prome for he was unsatisfied with the assistance he received from his ally King Thado Minsaw of Prome in their war against Ava. In late 1532, Sawlon and Thohanbwa marched south and captured Prome. After the conquest of Prome, Sawlon was murdered by his own ministers on his way back home to Mohnyin.[4]


  1. ^ According to (Fernquest 2006: 36) Sawlon became saopha of Mohnyin c. 1482 and died in 1532, meaning he ruled for 50 years. Zatadawbon Yazawin (Zata 1960: 47) says Sawlon was born only in 1486. It means the Sawlon who came to power in 1482 was likely Sawlon's father.


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Born: 2 April 1486 Died: c. January 1533
Royal titles
Preceded by
Sawlon the elder
Saopha of Mohnyin
? – 1533
Succeeded by