Satna Junction railway station

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Satna Junction railway station (station code: STA) is the main railway station in Satna, a major city of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is located about one km from Satna town.[1] The station sees great usage, with more than 200 trains stopping here on a daily basis.[2] Trains serving this station include the Rewa–Anand Vihar Superfast Express, Rewanchal Express, Nagpur–Rewa Superfast Express, Rajkot–Rewa Superfast Express, Bilaspur–Rewa Express, Rewa–Dr. Ambedkar Nagar Express, Bhagmati Express, Sanghamithra Express, Ganga Kaveri Express, Mahanagari Express, Khwaja Garib Nawaz Madar–Kolkata Express, Bhagalpur–Khwaja Garib Nawaz Madar Express, Mahakoshal Express and many more. There are mainly 3 platforms in Satna railway station. Satna railway station is the busiest and most earning station of the Jabalpur (Mahakaushal) region.

Satna Junction
Indian Railways junction station
Satna junction-cropped 2014-06-29 19-01.JPG
Satna Junction board
LocationSatna, Satna district, Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates24°33′59″N 80°49′43″E / 24.5665°N 80.8285°E / 24.5665; 80.8285
Elevation315.35 metres (1,034.6 ft)
Owned byIndian Railways
Line(s)Howrah–Allahabad–Mumbai line
Other information
Station codeSTA
Zone(s) West Central Railway
Division(s) Jabalpur
Satna Junction railway station is located in India
Satna Junction railway station
Satna Junction railway station
Location within India
Satna Junction railway station is located in Madhya Pradesh
Satna Junction railway station
Satna Junction railway station
Satna Junction railway station (Madhya Pradesh)

Historian Vincent Arthur Smith believed that the site of the station was the capital of the ancient Kosambi state.[3]

Electrification of Satna Junction was completed in 2019. After electrification up to Satna, electric trains between Satna and Katni get diesel on top, i.e. diesel is attached in front of electric locomotives temporarily from Satna to Katni.


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