Sardarzahi or Sardarzāi (Persian: سردارزهی) (Balochi: سددازهی) (حمید الله سردارزهی) refers to sardars , rulers or Hakomzāts in south eastern province of Baluchistan of Iran. Sardarzahis were originally from Jadgal ancestry. The Jadgal claim to have immigrated from Sind some ten generations ago to the most extreme southeastern corner of Iranian Baluchistan which is currently a part of Dashtiari and bahu districts in Chabahar County. حمید الله سردارزهی Sardar Hamidollah Sardarzahi is the Sardar of Sardazahies. He is the son of Mir Mullahdad Sardarzahi. Mir Mullahdad Sardarzahi was among the biggest baloch leaders of the Balochistan.

Some famous Sardarzahi include:

  • Yar Mohammad khan 2 zami
  • Mir Abdi Khan
  • Mir Mehrab Khan
  • Mir Mahrullah Khan
  • Mir Abdul Raheman sardarzai (late)
  • Mir Murad baksh karachi (late)
  • Mir Mola baksh sardarzai kalar shak sindh
  • Mir Khuda baksh Gadap
  • Mir Saeed (dukh Iran)
  • Mir Abdul Qadir mola bakhsh kalar shakh
  • M.Hanif saddazai (son of Khuda Baksh saddazai Gadap)
  • Mir Karim
  • Yousaf Saddazai (son of Mir Mola baksh kalar shak sindh)
  • Mir Ghulam Qadir sindh
  • Noor Muhammad sadazai

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