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Sara Pennypacker is an American author of children's literature. She has written nineteen children's books (as of 2016),[1] including Pax, Summer of the Gypsy Moths, and those in the Clementine and Stuart series. Ms. Pennypacker travels widely to speak about literacy and to encourage reading and writing.

She has received many awards for her books including the Christopher Award for Clementine's Letter and the Golden Kite Award for Pierre In Love.[2]


Pax (2016)Edit

Writer: Sara Pennypacker

Waylon BooksEdit

  • Waylon! One Awesome Thing (2016)
  • Waylon! Even More Awesome (2018)
  • Waylon! The Most Awesome of All (2019)

Clementine BooksEdit

  • Clementine (2006)
  • The Talented Clementine (2007)
  • Clementine's Letter (2008)
  • Clementine, Friend of the Week (2010)
  • Clementine and the Family Meeting (2011)
  • Clementine and the Spring Trip (2013)
  • Completely Clementine (2015)

Summer of the Gypsy Moths (2012)Edit

Stuart BooksEdit

  • Stuart's Cape (2002)
  • Stuart Goes to School (2005)

Flat Stanley BooksEdit

  • The Mount Rushmore Calamity (2009)
  • The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery (2009)
  • The Japanese Ninja Surprise (2009)
  • The Intrepid Canadian Expedition (2009)

Picture BooksEdit

  • Meet the Dullards (2015)
  • Sparrow Girl (2009)
  • Pierre In Love (2007)


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  • Sara Young at LC Authorities, with 1 record – including publisher's biographical text: "Under the name Sara Pennypacker, SARA YOUNG has written twenty-one books for children, including the acclaimed Pax and Clementine series."