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Sara (born March 17, 1950 in Nantes, France) is a French artist. She has been living in Paris since 1971. She received the Golden Apple at the 20th Biennial Illustrations Bratislava in 2005.[1]


Art of SaraEdit

Artistic styleEdit

It is difficult to distinguish the aesthetic themes from the scenaristic ones. For example, is the red color a theme or a medium ? Most/ of her albums are filled with the city, the sea and with animals, but the recurrent themes are definitely solitude and encounter.

A monograph by Sara was published by gallery owner Marie-Thérèse Devèze. It shows about fifty themes from her corpus including painting, photography and torn paper.


Sara makes children books and individual pictures out of torn paper. “When the city tears up” is an exhibition of her torn-papered pictures about Paris, and has been shown many times since 1995.


“The desire to make these books came in a moment when I didn’t have enough money to buy much material and paint in watercolours and oil. I had nothing but recycled paper... I tried to create something with almost nothing and the idea of torn paper came from it”.

Interview with Claude Hubert-Ganiyare, from La Joie par les livres, April 1991.

“People often use words as weapons and munitions. (...) The style is a discipline which makes these arms fall to let the world express a precise thought through the simplest and most beautiful arrangement. In fact, this definition could also be applied to images”.

Interview with Janine Kotwica in La Revue des Livres pour Enfants, April 2006


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