Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum

The Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum (traditional Chinese: 三義木雕博物館; simplified Chinese: 三义木雕博物馆; pinyin: Sānyì Mùdiāo Bówùguǎn) is a museum of wooden sculpture in Sanyi Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan.

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum
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Former name
Sanyi Wood Sculpture Arts Gallery
Established9 April 1995
LocationSanyi, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Coordinates24°24′21.4″N 120°45′39.4″E / 24.405944°N 120.760944°E / 24.405944; 120.760944Coordinates: 24°24′21.4″N 120°45′39.4″E / 24.405944°N 120.760944°E / 24.405944; 120.760944
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The museum building was constructed in March 1990 by the Construction Department of the Taiwan Provincial Government. Originally established as Sanyi Wood Sculpture Arts Gallery, it was then later renamed to Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum. The museum was opened to public on 9 April 1995.[1] In May 2003, the museum underwent renovations to expand its storeroom for permanent collections.[2]

Exhibition themesEdit

The museum presents the following themes:[2]

  • Introduction of Wood Sculpture
  • Styles of Each Chinese Dynasty
  • Austronesian Tribe Wood Sculpture
  • Origins of Sanyi Wood Sculpture
  • Wood Sculpture Exhibition Hall
  • Temples Deities
  • Architecture and Furniture
  • Exhibition of Mix Media
  • Invitational Exhibition


The museum is accessible within walking distance southwest from Sanyi Station of the Taiwan Railways.[3]

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