Santa Elena Province

The Province of Santa Elena (Spanish pronunciation: [ˌsanta eˈlena]) is a province of Ecuador in the coastal region. Created in 2007 from territory that belonged to the Guayas Province, it is one of the two newest provinces of Ecuador, along with Santo Domingo de Los Tsáchilas. Its capital city is Santa Elena, from which the province derives its name.

Santa Elena
Province of Santa Elena
Flag of Santa Elena
Location of Santa Elena Province in Ecuador
Location of Santa Elena Province in Ecuador
Cantons of Santa Elena Province
Cantons of Santa Elena Province
EstablishedNovember 7, 2007
Named forSanta Elena
CapitalSanta Elena
 • Provincial PrefectIng. Patricio Cisneros
 • Total3,690.17 km2 (1,424.78 sq mi)
 (2010 census)[1]
 • Total308,693
 • Density84/km2 (220/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (ECT)
Area code(s)(0)4
Vehicle registrationY
HDI (2017)0.712[2]
high · 20th

Political divisionEdit

The province is divided into three cantons. The following table lists each with its population at the 2001 census, its area in square kilometres (km²), and the name of the canton seat or capital.[3]

Canton Pop. (2001) Area (km²) Seat/Capital
La Libertad 77,646 25 La Libertad
Salinas 49,572 69 Salinas
Santa Elena 111,671 3,669 Santa Elena


Ethnic groups as of the Ecuadorian census of 2010:[4]

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Coordinates: 2°13′36″S 80°51′30″W / 2.2267°S 80.8583°W / -2.2267; -80.8583