Sant’Eligio Maggiore is a church in Naples, southern Italy. It is located near Piazza Mercato (Market Square), and was built during the reign of Charles of Anjou by the same congregation that built the nearby Sant’Eligio hospital in 1270. It is the first church built in Naples by the Angevin dynasty and therefore the first one in Gotico Angioiano style.

Church of Sant'Eligio Maggiore
Chiesa di Sant'Eligio Maggiore
The Church of Sant'Eligio Maggiore in Naples.
40°50′48″N 14°15′52″E / 40.846755°N 14.264480°E / 40.846755; 14.264480
LocationPiazza Mercato
Province of Naples, Campania
DenominationRoman Catholic
Architectural typeGothic architecture
DioceseRoman Catholic Archdiocese of Naples

The arched passageway that opens onto Piazza Mercato is through the original façade of the church and has since been incorporated into the structure of the ancient hospital. Many of the lines of the original structure came to light in the course of restoration after the bombardments of the World War II.[1]

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