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Sanjoy Deb (born December 18, 1991), known primarily by his stage name Sanjoy, is a Bangladeshi–American musician, electronic music producer and DJ. He primarily produces in the EDM genre,[1] and is influenced by Bollywood. Sanjoy grew up and began his career in San Jose, California. His primary focus is in English Electronic Dance Music.

Sanjoy at Lake (2019).jpg
Background information
Birth nameSanjoy Deb
Born (1991-12-18) December 18, 1991 (age 27)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
OriginSan Jose, California, US
GenresEDM, electro house, dance-pop, electropop
Occupation(s)Producer, DJ, musician, music director
Years active2011–present
  • PORT22
Associated actsGOT7, Colby O'Donis, Elliott Yamin, Sid Sriram, Jonita Gandhi, Arjun, Mickey Singh

Sanjoy's best known musical piece to date is the song Shangri-La, which has charted on US Top 40 and dance radio.[2] In 2017, he released "OBVI" featuring American Idol singer Elliott Yamin. He featured Got7's Youngjae in the song Victim of Love.


Life and career beginningEdit

Sanjoy Deb was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and raised in San Jose, California to Sylheti parents from Srimangal. He attended Evergreen Valley High School and De Anza College and graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in business. Sanjoy began his musical career working with his partner and executive producer Kunal Agarwal.


Sanjoy Deb, the music producer.

Under the name 'Sanjoy', Deb has produced a wide variety of Electro-Pop Music, and previously produced Bollywood film songs.[3]

2011–2014: Bollywood mash-ups, "Ab Laut Aa"Edit

Sanjoy began his professional music career in 2011 with a series of mash-ups and remixes that were well received in the Indian-American community.[4] The cultural connection between Indian-Americans and Bollywood music had resulted in niche audiences who were very interested in remixed Hindi film music for dance performances and videos. His first mash-up "Chammak Challo" featured dancers from the UC Berkeley dance team, Azaad, and built his core audience of Bollywood-EDM listeners who were connected to the dance team circuit. He later released another video and mash-up called Love the Pressure, which further engaged those of Indian descent worldwide.[5]

His first original music video was called "Tonight I Believe" (2012). The track received lots of attention across the Internet, but because of the negative response and criticism with the vocals, it was promptly pulled from YouTube.[6] Deb also released an unofficial remix of Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child".

In 2013, Sanjoy produced a single for the well-known Indian singer Sunidhi Chauhan.[7] Their collaboration Ab Laut Aa was well-received, especially due to the topic of the music video on the prevalence of gender discrimination and rape in India.[8] He subsequently released a reprise version featuring Gaurav Dagaonkar as the vocalist & songwriter.

2014–2016: T-Series deal, Dance Under the InfluenceEdit

The 'Ab Laut Aa' collaboration ultimately propelled Sanjoy through a series of production opportunities with various Hindi film music directors, such as Pritam and Salim-Sulaiman. Some of these projects included Shaadi Ki Side Effects, and Bajrangi Bhaijaan[9]

The well-established label T-Series also signed a multi-single deal with Sanjoy to remix well-known Bollywood songs, in his distinct mash-up style. There are two released mash-ups with T-Series, Tum Hi Ho and Gumshuda. Both songs retain the original singers but have been remixed into an electro-pop dance record. Tum Hi Ho draws influences from Swedish House Mafia's Greyhound.[10]

In 2016, Sanjoy began to release a series of English songs, each featuring a well-known Bollywood singer. His track "Don't Funk With Me" with Benny Dayal broke the ice on his English music.[11] His next track released in February, named "Completed Me", featuring Aditi Singh Sharma. This compilation resulted in his album, Dance Under the Influence.

The front single for Dance Under the Influence, Slip Away, introduced the American Idol nominee Trevor Holmes as his first collaboration and single. The music video features Sanjoy at one of his live shows in Santa Cruz. [12]

2016–2018: Further collaborations, PORT22 distribution through Sony REDEdit

2017's single Obvi featured the American Idol Elliott Yamin, of "Wait for You" fame. The track was recorded in a untitled Sherman Oaks studio owned by Russell Ali. [13] Released by PORT22 (Sanjoy and Kunal Agarwal's label), it debuted on Top 40 radio and was one of the biggest movers on Shazam. [14] This was the first release of Sanjoy's to be distributed through Sony RED distribution. [15]

The track gained the attention of the lead singer of the K-Pop group, Got7, Youngjae. Fans of Youngjae connected Sanjoy with the K-Pop and his music through social media. The friendly meeting and instant connection led to the collaboration, Victim of Love, which was recorded in New York while they were both on holiday. [16]

The release of Victim of Love required Sanjoy to break ties with his distribution, Sony.[17]

Sanjoy's last track of 2017, Shangri-La was by-far his most successful on Top 40 radio. It debuted on Power96 in Miami and ran through several other top market stations, including San Francisco and Las Vegas.[18]

2018-Present: West Coast Customs, Gen-Z music producer, New ReleasesEdit

Sanjoy's studio resides in the West Coast Customs, an automobile customization shop made famous by Pimp My Ride. Much of his music is produced at the studio, and he also produces and song-writes for various artists. In particular, his specialty has been producing for social media stars popularized by YouTube, Vine, and Musically/Tik-Tok. These artists include: Jacob Sartorius, Carson Leuders, Christian Delgrosso, Sofie Dossi, and many others.

His latest releases bring a more energetic music with ethnic-focused lyric content. The first of 2019, Mumbae Bounce, featured artwork by Babbu the Painter. [19]



Dance Under the InfluenceEdit

1."Slip Away" (featuring Trevor Holmes)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins
2."Satellite" (featuring Jonita Gandhi)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins
3."Why You Run" (featuring Brandon Van Duyn)
  • Sanjoy
  • Brandon Van Duyn
4."Completed Me" (featuring Aditi Singh Sharma)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins
5."Don't Funk With Me" (featuring Benny Dayal)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins
7."Light" (with Natalie Hawkins)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins
8."Barriers" (featuring Stephen Rezza)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins
9."Lost in My Own World" (featuring Brandon Van Duyn)
  • Sanjoy
  • Brandon Van Duyn
10."Slip Away (Extended)" (featuring Trevor Holmes)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins
11."Why You Run (Extended)" (featuring Brandon Van Duyn)
  • Sanjoy
  • Brandon Van Duyn
12."Don't Funk With Me (Extended)" (featuring Benny Dayal)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins
13."Barriers (Extended)" (featuring Stephen Rezza)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins
14."Light (Extended)" (featuring Natalie Hawkins)
  • Sanjoy
  • Stephen Rezza
  • Natalie Hawkins


As lead artistEdit

Year Title Writer Singer
2019 Stars Sanjoy Kat Nestel, Sid Sriram
2019 Revelation Sanjoy Clarence Coffee
2019 Mumbae Bounce Sanjoy Hazel Rose
2018 F&F Sanjoy
2018 Wanna Sanjoy Stephen Rezza
2018 Him You Want Sanjoy Arjun
2017 Shangri-La Sanjoy Kat Nestel
2017 Victim of Love Sanjoy, Stephen Rezza ARS (Got7 Youngjae), Stephen Rezza, Elliott Yamin
2016 OBVI Sanjoy, Stephen Rezza, Russell Ali Elliott Yamin
2016 Slip Away Sanjoy, Natalie Hawkins, Stephen Rezza Trevor Holmes
2016 Completed Me Sanjoy, Natalie Hawkins, Stephen Rezza Aditi Singh Sharma
2016 Don't Funk With Me Sanjoy, Natalie Hawkins, Stephen Rezza Benny Dayal
2014 Set Me Free Sanjoy, Natalie Hawkins, Stephen Rezza Natalie Hawkins
2013 Ab Laut Aa (Reprise) Niranjan Iyengar Gaurav Dagaonkar
2013 Ab Laut Aa Niranjan Iyengar Sunidhi Chauhan
2012 Tonight I Believe n/a n/a

Production workEdit

Year Artist Title Release date Album
2014 Shilpa "Bombay Nights"[20] 6 Apr 2014 N/A


Year Title Music Director Artist Film
2014 "Mashooqana" (Sanjoy Deb Remix)[21] Gaurav Dagaonkar Ash King, Arunima Bhattacharya, Sanjoy Deb Heartless
2014 "Tum Hi Ho" (Sanjoy Remix) Mithoon Sanjoy, Arijit Singh Aashiqui 2
2014 "Galliyan" (Sanjoy Rebirth) Ankit Tiwari Sanjoy, Ankit Tiwari Ek Villain

Music videosEdit

Year Title Director Producer Release date Label
2011 "Chammak Challo (Bootleg)"[22] Kunal Agarwal Kunal Agarwal 21 Jul 2011 Kunal Agarwal Productions
"Love the Pressure"[23] Justin Nguyen Kunal Agarwal 18 November 2011
2012 "Tonight I Believe"
Shayan Fakurnejad Kunal Agarwal 9 Aug 2012
2013 Ab Laut Aa
(featuring Sunidhi Chauhan)[25]
Robert Rippberger Kunal Agarwal 11 Apr 2013 PORT22
2013 Ab Laut Aa (Reprise)
(featuring Gaurav Dagaonkar)[26]
Kunal Agarwal Kunal Agarwal 18 Oct 2013

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Ceremony Nominated work Category Result
2014 VIMA Music Awards Ab Laut Aa – Sanjoy Deb Best Music Video Won[27]


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