Sandu Ciorba

Alexandru Ciorba, known as Sandu Ciorba is a Romanian Roma singer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, singing Romani traditional music.

In 2013 he surprisingly became a YouTube celebrity in Poland. Polish viewers were attracted by his music videos described as a parody of manele music style, collecting millions of views from Poland.[1] Under some of his videos, 90% of comments were in the Polish language. This phenomenon is summarized by a comment (in Polish) under his hit "Dalibomba": "It is a piece of sh*t, but I am watching it for the fifth time".[2] (As of 2021, "Dalibomba"[3] has over 40 million views) The title of the hit was quickly phonetically translated in Polish as "Wielka dzika bomba" ("Huge Wild Bomb"), a perfect match for the hit's content.[1] In 2015 Romanian press widely commented on the fact that Huffington Post UK tongue-in-cheek nominated Ciorba's hit "Pe cimpoi" ("On Cimpoi" or "By Cimpoi"; over 43 million views[4]) " the weirdest video on the internet".[5][6] The tune of "Pe cimpoi" draws upon Transylvanian folklore tunes.[1]

These parody style songs is only part of Ciorba's work. In particular, he cooperates with manele singer Nicolae Guță.[1] His songs appeared several films. Sandu Ciorba cooperates with Viper Production music studio devoted to Romani music.[7]


  • 2007: Fără adversari Vol.2 (with Nicolae Guță), Viper Productions, iTunes [8]
  • 2008: Fără adversari Vol.3 (with Nicolae Guță), Viper Productions, iTunes [9]
  • 2012: Fără adversari Vol.4 (with Nicolae Guță), Viper Productions, iTunes [10]
  • 2015: King of Gipsy Music, Viper Productions, iTunes[11]
  • 2017: Fără adversari Vol.5 (with Nicolae Guță), Viper Productions, iTunes [12]

Some songs of Sandu Ciorba were included in various collections of Roma music by Viper Productions.


Sandu Ciorba's songs have appeared in several films.


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