Sandra Ng Kwan-yue (born 2 August 1965) is a Hong Kong actress, film director and producer.[1][2]

Sandra Ng
北京电影节闭幕红毯上随拍。(干这种活儿还得全幅啊,D7100高感还是差点意思,将就看吧。) (5).jpg
Ng in 2014
Born (1965-08-02) 2 August 1965 (age 56)
NationalityHong Kong
Alma materSt. Stephen's Girls' College (secondary)
OccupationActress, radio and television presenter, singer, film director, producer
Years active1982–present
Partner(s)Peter Chan (1996–present, de facto)
ChildrenJilian Chan (daughter)
Parent(s)Kenneth Ng Kam Tsun (father)
AwardsHong Kong Film AwardsBest Actress
1998 Portland Street Blues

Hong Kong Film Critics Society AwardsBest Actress
1998 Portland Street Blues

Golden Horse AwardsBest Actress
2002 Golden Chicken

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese吳君如
Simplified Chinese吴君如
WebsiteSandra Ng on Sina Weibo (in Chinese) (login required for Firefox users)

Life and careerEdit

The daughter of the actor Kenneth Ng Kam Tsun, Ng was born in Hong Kong, where she attended St. Stephen's Girls' College. Encouraged by her parents, she began her entertainment career at the age of 16. She is most known through her comic roles, where she often pokes fun at her plain looks. She has frequently collaborated with Stephen Chow, notably in All for the Winner, Magnificent Scoundrels and Royal Tramp, among others. In a career spanning over 20 years, she has filmed over 100 films and TV shows. She co-hosted Club Sparkle (星星同學會), a celebrity talk show, during the first half of 2009 and is also a radio personality for CRHK. Her radio program, He She Hit (她他她打到嚟!), aired from 12am to 2am on Monday to Friday.

She received the Best Actress Award at the 2003 Golden Horse Awards for her role as a prostitute in Golden Chicken. In 1996, she dated the film director Peter Chan. Later in 2006, they had a daughter named Jilian.



Year English title Original title Role Notes
1984 The Duke of Mount Deer 鹿鼎記 Tsang Yau Television series
The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 笑傲江湖 Cousin Kwan Television series
1985 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 夏日福星 Tourist in Thailand
1986 Peking Opera Blues 刀馬旦 General Tun's wife
The Return of Luk Siu Fung 陸小鳳之鳳舞九天 Kei-kei Television series
1987 Happy Bigamist 一屋兩妻 Tung's friend
Trouble Couples 開心勿語 Agnes
Scared Stiff 小生夢驚魂 Judy
That Enchanting Night 良宵花弄月 Ling Shan-shan
1988 The Inspector Wears Skirts 霸王花 Amy
Love Soldier of Fortune 愛的逃兵 Candy Ho
The Greatest Lover 公子多情 Lily Zhu
King of Stanley Market 褲甲天下 Gigi
Operation Pink Squad 霸王女福星 Ng Siu-mui
Three Wishes 黑心鬼 Ng Kwan-yu
In the Line of Duty III 皇家師姐III雌雄大盜 SCU agent
The Crazy Companies 最佳損友 Doriana
Two Most Honorable Knights 絕代雙驕 Third Lady Television series
The Crazy Companies II 最佳損友闖情關 Doriana
How to Pick Girls Up! 求愛敢死隊 Mei You-kong
My Father's Son 鬥氣一族 Wong Chor-yat Television series
1989 In Between Loves 求愛夜驚魂 Ti
They Came to Rob Hong Kong 八寶奇兵 Comrade Monroe
The Romancing Star III 精裝追女仔之3狼之一族 Cocktail waitress at disco
Lucky Guys 福星臨門 Chan Pak-seung
Ghost Busting 捉鬼有限公司 Supervisor Kao
Little Cop 小小小警察 Insp. Wu
Crocodile Hunter 專釣大鱷 Bitchy Yuen Ying
Thunder Cops II 流氓差婆 / 雌雄雙辣 Fong Ngoi-nam
Operation Pink Squad II 猛鬼大廈 Married policewoman Also known as Thunder Cops
Funny Ghost 猛鬼撞鬼 Gamble Yu
The Inspector Wears Skirts II 神勇飛虎霸王花 Amy
Vampire vs Vampire 一眉道人 General's Cousin


Year English title Original title Role Notes
1990 All for the Winner 賭聖 Ping
The Spooky Family 捉鬼合家歡 Customer
She Shoots Straight 皇家女將 Huang Chia-ju
Here Comes a Vampire 猛鬼霸王花 Sister Nine
Ghostly Vixen 天師捉姦 May
Raid on Royal Casino Marine 霸王花之皇家賭船 Amy Also known as The Inspector Wears Skirts III
Love Is Love 望夫成龍 Ng Dai-tai
Mortuary Blues 屍家重地 9th Sister
When Fortune Smiles 無敵幸運星 Rubbish Feng / Chao Fei-fei
Vampires Settle on the Police Camp 一眉道姑 Madam Lee
Fire Phoenix 橫衝直撞火鳳凰 / 借槍借人 Madam Lee Also known as Borrowing the Gun
1991 Money Maker 贏錢專家 Siu-siu
Top Bet 賭霸 Ping
You Bet Your Life 一世好命 May Also known as A Charmed Life
God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai 賭俠II上海灘賭聖 Spring
Vampire Kids 殭屍福星仔 Tour guide
The Banquet 豪門夜宴 Waitress Also known as Party of a Wealthy Family
Magnificent Scoundrels 情聖 Jenny
Return of the Evil Fox 猛鬼狐狸精 Big Yu
The Family Squad 卡拉屋企 方小橋 Television series
1992 True Love 真的愛妳 Paula
Ghost in Me 老友鬼上身 Joe Mack
Gameboy Kids 機Boy小子之真假威龍 Veronica
Cash on Delivery 與鴨共舞 Sandy Koh
The Inspector Wears Skirts 4 '92霸王花與霸王花 Amy
Casino Tycoon II 賭城大亨II之至尊無敵 Chu Lin-lin
Hero of the Beggars 丐世英雄 Yue
Sisters in Law 積奇&瑪莉 Jacky
Forced Nightmare 嘩鬼旅行團
All's Well, Ends Well 家有囍事 Ching
My Americanized Wife 兩屋一妻 Cameo
Royal Tramp 鹿鼎記 Sister Bond
Royal Tramp II 鹿鼎記II神龍教 Sister Bond
Miracle 90 Days 特異功能猩求人 Woman who has supernatural powers
Mr. Vampire 1992 新殭屍先生 Birdie Also known as Chinese Vampire Story
Changing Partner 夜夜伴肥嬌 Yue
1993 Holy Weapon 武俠七公主 Yam Kin-fai
All's Well, Ends Well Too 花田囍事 Gut
Boys Are Easy 追男仔 Chi Sum
Perfect Couples 皆大歡喜 Chung Lai-ming
King Swindler 龍父虎子 / 大小老千
Vampire Family 一屋哨牙鬼 Ginger
The Eight Hilarious Gods 笑八仙 Buddy Wall
1994 Her Fatal Ways 4 表姐,妳好野!4 Siu Yu
The Returning 等著你回來 Julia
Fire Dragon 火雲傳奇 Tang Lyn-yu
Modern Romance 戀愛的天空 Frankie Chan Bo-chu
I Will Wait for You 年年有今日 Mei-lan
Always Be the Winners 神龍賭聖之旗開得勝 Mrs. Lulu Sha
To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui 新邊緣人 Woman in movie Uncredited
Crazy Women 飛越瘋人院 / 傻大姐翻轉瘋人院
1996 4 Faces of Eve 4面夏娃 Gam Mo / Chan Giu / Miu Si / Mei Mei
1997 Young and Dangerous 4 97古惑仔戰無不勝 Sister 13
Black Rose II 黑玫瑰義結金蘭 Sandra Suen May-tong
Killing Me Tenderly 愛您愛到殺死你 Siu
Mahjong Dragon 麻雀飛龍 Prostitute
1998 Young and Dangerous 5 98古惑仔之龍爭虎鬥 Sister 13
The Lucky Guy 行運一條龍 Flirty Si
Young and Dangerous: The Prequel 新古惑仔之少年激鬥篇 Sister 13 Cameo
Portland Street Blues 古惑仔情義篇之洪興十三妹 Sister 13
Hold You Tight 愈快樂愈墮落 Video shop owner
1999 Tarzan N/A Terk Cantonese dub
Gorgeous 玻璃樽 Thief at airport
Metade Fumaca 半支煙 Third Sister
The Tricky Master 千王之王2000 Wasabi
My Loving Trouble 7 我愛777 Sandra


Year English title Original title Role Notes
2000 Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone 江湖告急 Sophie
Born to Be King 勝者為王 Sister 13
Those Were the Days 友情歲月山雞故事 Sister 13
Juliet in Love 朱麗葉與梁山伯 Judy Chu
The Iron Ladies สตรีเหล็ก Cantonese dub
2001 Dance of a Dream 愛君如夢 Kam
My Life as McDull 麥兜故事 Mrs. McDull Voice
City of Desire 慾望之城 Sandra Lei
Martial Angels 絕色神偷 Monkey
2002 Golden Chicken 金雞 Kam
Scooby-Doo N/A Cantonese dub
2003 Golden Chicken 2 金雞2 Kam
Men Suddenly in Black 大丈夫 Ninth uncle's wife
Good Times, Bed Times 戀上你的床 Bobo Au
1:99 Shorts 1:99 電影行動 Television film
The Iron Ladies 2 สตรีเหล็ก2 Cantonese dub
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over N/A Cantonese dub
2004 Kung Fu Soccer 功夫足球 Big Sun Television series
McDull, Prince de la Bun 麥兜,菠蘿油王子 Mrs. Mc Voice
Super Model 我要做Model Interviewee
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed N/A Cantonese dub
2005 Perhaps Love 如果‧愛 Lin's Manager
Dragon Blade 龍刀奇緣 Bali-ba Voice
2006 Men Suddenly in Black 2 大丈夫2 Ninth Aunt
McDull, the Alumni 春田花花同學會 Waitress
The Matchmaker 天下第一媒婆 Song Shuangshuang Television series
Metrosexual แก๊งชะนีกับอีแอบ Cantonese dub
2007 I Love Sister Furong 我愛芙蓉姐 Television series
Simply Actors 戲王之王 Phone accessory vendor
2009 Echoes of the Rainbow 歲月神偷 Mrs. Law
On His Majesty's Secret Service 大內密探零零狗 Empress
McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten 麥兜響噹噹 Mrs. McDull Voice
All's Well, Ends Well 2009 家有喜事2009 Chu Yu


Year English title Original title Role Notes
2010 All About Love 得閑炒飯 Macy
Beauty on Duty! 美麗密令 Iron Mary
Just Another Pandora's Box 越光寶盒 Wu's Chef
All's Well, Ends Well 2010 花田囍事2010 Sweetie
Echoes of the Rainbow 歲月神偷 Mrs. Law
2011 Mr. and Mrs. Incredible 神奇俠侶 Aroma Woman
I Love Hong Kong 我愛HK開心萬歲 Mrs Ng Sun
2012 Ripples of Desire 花漾 Madame Moon
McDull: The Pork of Music 麥兜噹噹伴我心 Mrs. McDull Voice
Marrying Mr. Perfect 嫁個100分男人 Winnie's sister-in-law
All's Well, Ends Well 2012 八星報喜 Chelsia
2013 Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters 笑功震武林 Madonna
Hotel Deluxe 百星酒店 Peach Tin
Better and Better 越來越好之村晚 Yuan Fang
2014 Revelation of Ghost Marriage 冥婚啟示 / 非常婚事 Mrs. Wu Also known as A Fantastic Ghost Wedding
McDull: Me & My Mum 麥兜●我和我媽媽 Mrs. McDull Voice
Naked Ambition 2 豪情2 Kam Cameo
Golden Chicken 3 金雞SSS Kam Also as producer
Hello Babies 六福喜事 Gong San
2015 Accidental Hero 偶然英雄
Jian Bing Man 煎餅俠 Herself
Monster Hunt 捉妖記 Ying
Lost and Love 失孤 Human trafficker Cameo
12 Golden Ducks 12金鴨 Future Cheung Also as producer
2017 Goldbuster 妖鈴鈴 Ling Also as director
Meow 喵星人 Chow Lai-chu Cantonese dub
2018 Monster Hunt 2 捉妖記2 Ying
The Faces of My Gene 祖宗十九代 Nüwa
Agent Mr Chan 棟篤特工
2019 On Your Mom, Get Set, Go! 媽媽的神奇小子
Enter the Fat Dragon 肥龍過江


Year English title Original title Role Notes
2021 Zero to Hero 媽媽的神奇小子 So's mother


English title Original title Network
Enjoy Yourself Tonight 歡樂今宵 TVB Jade
Club Sparkle 星星同學會

Music video appearancesEdit

Year Song title Artist
1984 "Gao Wen Jing Jie 高溫境界" Ken Choi
1986 "Red Mobile 紅色跑車" Tai Chi
2019 "Hubby" Jolin Tsai[3]


Studio albumsEdit

Title Label Released Track listing
裝傻 BMG Taiwan 1992
Track listing
  1. 新年快樂
  2. 愛你一生還不夠(鄭伊健/吳君如)
  3. 多得你放棄
  4. 不可輕看
  5. 愛神不許再裝傻
  6. 我是路邊一支草
  7. 只有你的愛能到永遠
  8. 心痛怎麼說清楚
  9. 巴老彈星人報佳音(特別混音版)
  10. 新年快樂(卡拉OK版)
我有我的溫柔 BMG Hong Kong 1993
Track listing
  1. 多得你放棄
  2. 不清不楚
  3. 誰會一生愛護任性的我
  4. 她怎麼了
  5. 恭喜發財利是來
  6. 求可再度跟你一起
  7. 別再禁制我
  8. 只因你心醉(鄭伊健/吳君如)
  9. 我是路邊一支草
  10. 不可輕看
君如處處吻 PolyGram Hong Kong 1995
Track listing
  1. 如樂園
  2. 年中無憂
  3. Happy Birthday 送我給你
  4. 起過風
  5. 認真玩結婚
  6. 回憶是溫柔的
  7. 初一十五(吳君如/黃偉文)
  8. 祝你好運
  9. 識做識玩
  10. 情人處處吻
  11. 娛樂完

Extended playsEdit

Title Label Released Track listing
Sandra BMG Hong Kong 1992
Track listing
  1. 巴老彈星人報佳音
  2. 只因你心醉(鄭伊健/吳君如)
  3. 誰會一生愛護任性的我
  4. 巴老彈星人報佳音(特別混音版)
  5. 只因你心醉(卡拉OK版)
  6. 巴老彈星人報佳音(卡拉OK版)


Title Label Released Track listing
廢話 BMG Hong Kong 7 September 1993
Track listing
  1. 廢話
  2. 不清不楚(Unclear Mix)
  3. 廢話(Nonsense Mix)

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1989 8th Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Performer The Inspector Wears Skirts Nominated
1995 14th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress The Returning Nominated
1996 33rd Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actress 4 Faces of Eve Nominated
1997 16th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Nominated
1998 35th Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actress Portland Street Blues Nominated
1999 18th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Won
Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Best Actress Won
Golden Bauhinia Awards Best Actress Won
2003 22nd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Golden Chicken Nominated
40th Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actress Won
Golden Bauhinia Awards Best Actress Nominated
2004 23rd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Golden Chicken 2 Nominated
Golden Bauhinia Awards Best Actress Nominated
Chinese Film Media Awards Most Popular Actress (Bronze) N/A Won
2009 2009 TVB Anniversary Awards Best Presenter for a Television Programme Club Sparkle Nominated
2010 29th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Echoes of the Rainbow Nominated
Changchun Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Won
Huabiao Awards Outstanding Hong Kong Actress Won
2011 Huading Awards Best Actress in a Motion Picture Nominated
2012 31st Hundred Flowers Awards Best Actress Nominated
2014 New York Asian Film Festival Star Asia Award N/A Won
2015 34th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Golden Chicken 3 Nominated


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