Sandgerðisbær (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈsantˌcɛrðɪsˌpaiːr̥]) is a former Icelandic municipality located in southwestern Iceland on the Southern Peninsula. In 2018 it merged with Garður to create the new municipality of Suðurnesjabær.[1] Sandgerði began to develop as a fishing village in the second half of the nineteenth century when motorboats took over the rowing boats.[2] The land area of Sandgerðisbær is covers the entire western coast of Miðnes (Romshvalanes) north from Garðskagi to Ósabotnar in the south. Inland the land area of Sandgerðisbær stretches into the international airport at Keflavíkurflugvöllur with the air terminal within the municipal boundaries. Reynir football club play in Iceland's third tier and their basketball team by the same name competes in the 3rd tier of basketball in Iceland as well. In Sandgerði, some noticeable enterprises have also developed into growing tourist industry. One of the most interesting is the Sudurnes Science and Learning Center. A museum and research center, dedicated to natural science and related subjects like water and animal life near the sea.[2]

Skyline of Sandgerðisbær
Skyline of Sandgerðisbær
Coat of arms of Sandgerðisbær
Sandgerðisbær is located in Iceland
Coordinates: 64°3′11″N 22°42′15″W / 64.05306°N 22.70417°W / 64.05306; -22.70417Coordinates: 64°3′11″N 22°42′15″W / 64.05306°N 22.70417°W / 64.05306; -22.70417
RegionSouthern Peninsula
ConstituencySouthwest Constituency
 • MayorSigrún Árnadóttir
 • Total62 km2 (24 sq mi)
 • Total1,609
 • Density25.95/km2 (67.2/sq mi)
Postal code(s)
Municipal number2503
The Sandgerði harbor


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