Sandermosen Station

Sandermosen Station (Norwegian: Sandermosen stasjon) is a formerly staffed station on the Gjøvik Line located in Maridalen, Oslo, Norway. The station which formerly had its own station building is located a little under 16 km from Oslo Central Station between Kjelsås Station and Snippen Station and was opened in 1909. It was closed on 11 June 2006. Since its closure Snippen is the nearest station. The area was used as a loading zone as early as 1900, two years prior to the opening of the Gjøvik Line. Today the station and the station building is a juncture for cultural activities in the area. This cultural arena is promoted by kulturPUNKTET Sandermosen stasjon. A sculpture park is situated next to the track.[1]

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General information
LocationSandermosen, MaridalenOslo
Coordinates60°00′32″N 10°48′15″E / 60.00889°N 10.80417°E / 60.00889; 10.80417Coordinates: 60°00′32″N 10°48′15″E / 60.00889°N 10.80417°E / 60.00889; 10.80417
Owned byNorwegian National Rail Administration
Line(s)Gjøvik Line
Distance15.85 km
Closed11 June 2006

In 1921, Dano-Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose took his new surname from Sandermosen which is where his mother had been born. [2]


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