San Juan River (Colombia)

The San Juan River (Spanish: Río San Juan) is an important river of Colombia that flows into the Pacific Ocean through the Chocó Department. It is approximately 380 kilometres (240 mi) and drains a watershed of 16,000 square kilometres (6,200 sq mi). The river drains into a large delta that covers nearly 300 square kilometres (120 sq mi). The average discharge of the Rio San Juan is 2,054.67 m³/s.

Río San Juan
Mapa de Colombia (ríos).svg
Rivers in Colombia. The mouth of the San Juan is near the center of the country's Pacific coast
RegionChocó Department
Physical characteristics
 • locationCerro Caramanta, West Andes
 • location
Pacific Ocean near Buenaventura
Length380 km (240 mi)


The river begins on Cerro Caramanta in the West Andes. The delta is due north of Bahía Málaga and Buenaventura.

The mouth of the river has extensive stands of mangroves, part of the Esmeraldes-Pacific Colombia mangroves ecoregion.[1]


Monthly average flow of San Juan River ( m³/second) measured at Penitas station
Data from 25 years[2]


A species of snake, Dipsas sanctijoannis, is named after the San Juan River of Colombia, and is native to the watershed.[3]

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