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Samuel Hadida (17 December 1953 – 26 November 2018) was a Moroccan-born French film producer.

Samuel Hadida
Born(1953-12-17)17 December 1953
Died26 November 2018(2018-11-26) (aged 64)

Life and careerEdit

Hadida was born in Casablanca, Morocco. In 1978, he co-founded the company Metropolitan Filmexport with his brother Victor. The company later became a successful independent distributor of films in the French-speaking world. Metropolitan Filmexport is the current French distributor for films by Lionsgate and, formerly, New Line Cinema (Warner Bros. now releases New Line films).[1]

In 1990, Hadida formed a new company, Davis Films. Since 1993, the company has produced more than thirty Hollywood films, with True Romance being the first.

Though Hadida contributed to the film industry over many decades, his work in spearheading the Resident Evil film franchise is what he is best known for. When Hadida learned the project was struggling, he reached out Constantin Film and offered a 50/50 venture deal.[2] This project, as well as his work with the film adaptation of Silent Hill, has contributed to his recognition within the realm of video game adaptations.[3]

Hadida died at the UCLA Santa Monica Hospital after a short illness.[4][5]


In 2011, Davis Films signed an agreement to create a film adaptation of the book series House of Night.[6] Hadida and his film did not follow through on producing the film, yet still hold licensure until 2020. This has upset the series' fanbase, and caused tension between Hadida and the series' authors, P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast.[7]



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