Samuel C. Bradford

Samuel Clement Bradford (10 January 1878 in London – 13 November 1948) was a British mathematician, librarian and documentalist at the Science Museum in London. He developed "Bradford's law" (or the "law of scattering") regarding differences in demand for scientific journals. This work influences bibliometrics and citation analysis of scientific publications. Bradford founded the British Society for International Bibliography (BSIB) (est. 1927) and he was elected president of International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID) in 1945. Bradford was a strong proponent of the UDC and of establishing abstracts of the scientific literature.

Samuel Clement Bradford
Born(1878-01-10)10 January 1878
Died15 November 1948(1948-11-15) (aged 70)
Known forThe Bradford's law
Scientific career


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