Samuel (novel)

Samuel (Սամվել Samvel) is an 1886 Armenian language novel by the novelist Raffi. Considered by some critics his most successful work, the plot centres on the killing of the fourth-century Prince Vahan Mamikonian and his wife by their son Samuel.[1][2][3]

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Original title(Սամվել Samvel)
Publication date
Media typePrint


  • French: Samuel, Jean-Jacques Avédissian Editions Thaddée (2010) 480 pages


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  2. ^ Manuel Sarkisyanz A Modern History of Transcaucasian Armenia: Social, ... 1975 p.100 "Raffi's " Samuel " can compare with such historical novels as " The Last Days of Pompeii " by Lytton and " Ein Kampf um Rom " by Felix Dahn. The author regretted that old Armenian historiography gave little attention to the people and that the.."
  3. ^ Kevork B. Bardakjian - A Reference Guide to Modern Armenian Literature, 2000 0814327478 p. 147 "Raffi expanded this act of patricide into an extensive novel cast against the background of a massive Persian campaign to supplant the native tongue and culture with their own. The novel illustrates selfless patriotism; "