Samarskyi District

Samarskyi District (Ukrainian: Самарський район) is an urban district of the city of Dnipro, in southern Ukraine.[4] It is located at the confluence of the Dnieper and Samara rivers in the eastern and southeastern parts of the city.

Samarskyi District
Самарський район
Coordinates: 48°25′01″N 35°07′04″E / 48.41694°N 35.11778°E / 48.41694; 35.11778Coordinates: 48°25′01″N 35°07′04″E / 48.41694°N 35.11778°E / 48.41694; 35.11778
Country Ukraine
MunicipalityDnipro Municipality
Established6 April 1977[1]
 • Total66.83 km2 (25.80 sq mi)
 • Total78,997
 • Density1,200/km2 (3,100/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Area code+380 562
  1. Amur-Nyzhnodniprovskyi District
  2. Shevchenkivskyi District
  3. Sobornyi District
  4. Industrialnyi District
  5. Tsentralnyi District
  6. Chechelivskyi District
  7. Novokodatskyi District
  8. Samarskyi District
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    The district was created on 6 April 1977[5] out of the neighborhood of Samar previously in the Industrialnyi District and the newly added cities of Prydniprovsk (1956–1977) and Ihren (1959–1977) as well as a historic Cossack settlement of Chapli.[1][5] Archeologic founds suggest that Samar existed in 1524.[6] Archaeologists of the Dnipro National University have discovered artifacts there dated around 1520s.[7]

    The town of Prydniprovsk was created around the Prydniprovsk State District Power Station (DRES), today a thermal power station that was built in 1954, while the town of Ihren was created around the Ihren Rail Station, which still exists since 1873.[5] They were both absorbed into the boundaries of the Samarskyi District.[5]


    • Chapli
    • Ihren
    • Kseniivka
    • Nyzhnodniprovsk-Vuzol
    • Odynkivka
    • Pivnichnyi
    • Prydniprovsk
    • Samar, Dnipro
    • Shevchenko
    • Stara Ihren



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