Austrian Congregation

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The Austrian Congregation is a congregation of Benedictine monasteries situated in Austria, within the Benedictine Confederation.


The Congregation was founded on 3 August 1625 by Pope Urban VIII, and consisted of eleven Benedictine monasteries in Austria:

Salzburg CongregationEdit

These were however not all the Benedictine monasteries of present-day Austria. Those in the Diocese of Salzburg were formed in 1641 into the Salzburg Congregation, consisting of:

The diocese also then included two further monasteries, the locations of which are now in Bavaria in Germany:

Salzburg was secularised and became part of Austria in 1816.

Later historyEdit

Several of these abbeys ceased to exist as a result of the dissolution of monasteries enforced by Emperor Joseph II in the 1780s.

Some survived, however, and the 19th century brought a revival in the monastic movement. The two congregations were renewed by Pope Leo XIII on 23 August 1889 as the Congregations of Mary and Joseph respectively, and were combined as the present Austrian Congregation by Pope Pius XI on 8 December 1930.

Present CongregationEdit

The Austrian Congregation (as of 2006) consists of the following monasteries in Austria:

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