Salwator Cemetery

Salwator Cemetery (Polish: Cmentarz Salwatorski), is a historic cemetery in the Salwator neighborhood of Kraków located north-west of the city centre. It was consecrated in 1865.

Salwator Cemetery
Cmentarz Salwatorski
Salwator Cemetery, main view from W, Waszyngtona Av, Krakow, Poland.jpg
Alleyway between tombs
Salwator Cemetery is located in Poland
Salwator Cemetery
Location in Poland
Coordinates50°03′08″N 19°54′15″E / 50.052222°N 19.904167°E / 50.052222; 19.904167
Owned byParafia Najświętszego Salwatora w Krakowie
WebsiteUnofficial Site


Cross of the Victims of Communism

The Salwator Cemetery is also known as the Zwierzyniecki Cemetery for its location in the Zwierzyniec District of Kraków, next to widely popular Kościuszko Mound. It is perceived by the locals as the nicest cemetery in the city. However, the Salwator Cemetery does not feature in the official list of heritage sites, and does not receive financial support from the Council. The graves and the cemetery grounds are maintained by the Parish of St. Salwador in Kraków with the help from volunteer parishioners. In 2002 a brand new chapel was erected there, based on design by Witold Cęckiewicz.[1][2]

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