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Abu Muhammad Salih b. Abi Sharif al-Rundi (or Abu-l-Tayyib/ Abu-l-Baqa Salih b. Sharif al-Rundi) was an Arabic poet from al-Andalus. He was born in Sevilla in 1204 and fled that town in 1248 and lived in Ceuta until his death in 1285. al-Rundi wrote a handbook on poetry. His fame is based on his nuniyya entitled "رثاء الأندلس" Rithaa' ul-Andalus (Elegy for al-Andalus), a poem mourning the Catholic invasion and conquest of al-Andalus.


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External linksEdit

  • Lament for the Fall of Seville (1267), by Abu al-Baqa al-Rundi English translation with footnotes by James T. Monroe [1]
  • Performance of Qasida by Al-Rundi (YouTube) [2]

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