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Lago Coipasa or Salar de Coipasa is a lake in Atahuallpa Province, Oruro Department, Bolivia. At an elevation of 3657 m, its surface area is 806 km². It is on the western part of Altiplano, 20 km north of Salar de Uyuni and south of the main road linking Oruro and Huara (Chile).[1]

Lago Coipasa
Salar de coipasa.png
LocationAtahuallpa Province, Oruro Department
Coordinates19°12′S 68°07′W / 19.200°S 68.117°W / -19.200; -68.117Coordinates: 19°12′S 68°07′W / 19.200°S 68.117°W / -19.200; -68.117
Primary inflowsRío Lauca
Basin countriesBolivia
Surface area806 km2 (311 sq mi)
Max. depth3.5 m (11 ft)
Surface elevation3,657 m (11,998 ft)

Coipasa Lake is a tectonic[clarification needed] saline lake with a depth of 3.5 metres that is surrounded by the Coipasa salt flats (Salar de Coipasa), and the volcanic cone of Wila Pukarani.

Thousands of flamingos have settled on the shores of Lake Coipasa.

Coipasa Lake

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