Salam al-Bey

Salam al-Bey, also called the Beylical Hymn (سلام الباي), was the national anthem of Tunisia between 1846 and 1957 during the Beylik of Tunis and the Kingdom of Tunisia. It was sung in honour of the Bey of Tunis, who reigned over the country.

Initially without words, Arab words were written by an unknown poet and French words adapted to the melody of the hymn. According to historian Othman Kaak (quoted by Salah El Mahdi), the music was composed by Giuseppe Verdi, but Salah El Mahdi himself disputes this information.

The hymn was temporarily replaced as the national anthem by the Ala Khallidi after the end of the monarchy and the proclamation of the republic on 25 July, 1957.