Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days (stylized in all caps) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuto Suzuki. It began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump in November 2020. It is simultaneously published in English by Viz Media and the Manga Plus online platform.

Sakamoto Days
Sakamoto Days manga volume 1.jpg
First tankōbon volume cover, featuring Taro Sakamoto (front) and Shin (back)
GenreAction, comedy[1]
Written byYuto Suzuki
Published byShueisha
English publisher
ImprintJump Comics
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Jump
Original runNovember 21, 2020 – present
Volumes8 (List of volumes)


Taro Sakamoto used to be an unrivaled hitman, earning legendary status in the underworld. But one day, the unthinkable happened. Sakamoto fell in love. He started dating, retired, got married, and had a kid, growing overweight as a result. Though now working as a humble convenience store owner, the world of hitmen still follows him. Sakamoto, along with Shin, a young man with telepathy and employee at his small store, will protect his humble life and family, or die trying.


Main charactersEdit

Taro Sakamoto (坂本 太郎, Sakamoto Tarō)
An ex-hitman who gave up a life of wealth and crime to marry Aoi. He has gained a lot of weight, and has become more laid back, but still has his superhuman skill and strength from his hitman days. During extreme situations, he loses all this fat, and becomes skinny, becoming twice as powerful as before.
Shin Asakura (朝倉 シン, Asakura Shin)
A former hitman who admires Sakamoto, and now works for him at his convenience store. He is known as Shin the Clairvoyant because he has the ability to read minds. A running gag is Sakamoto imagining killing him when he annoys him.
Lu Xiaotang (陸 小糖, Rū Shaotan)
The daughter of a Chinese mob boss. She is airheaded, but can be analytical and competent when necessary. While she does not do much fighting, she is very capable, as she uses a fighting style that mixes Tai Chi with Drunken Fist.

Supporting charactersEdit

Aoi Sakamoto (坂本 葵, Sakamoto Aoi)
The wife of Sakamoto. She loves her husband much, despite his history as a hitman.
Hana Sakamoto
The daughter of Sakamoto.
Heisuke Mashimo
A hitman who specializes in sniping. He is very gullible and hyperemotional, but his skills with a sniper rifle easily make up for it, even holding the all-time record at the JCC (anonymously, due to simply forgetting to write his name).


Sakamoto's classmate in the JCC who would serve as an Order member with Sakamoto until his retirement. He is very cheerful and casual, which bely his skill, and he enjoys antagonizing his fellow Order members. He locates Sakamoto after he gains a bounty and does what he can to maintain Sakamoto's peaceful life while still serving as an Order member. His weapon of choice is a multipurpose tool with various types of blades, and is also highly skilled at disguising himself as other people.
A member of the Order. He is cynical, strict, and hates onions with a murderous passion, but cares deeply for his fellow Order members, especially his mentee Osaragi. His highly professional nature often clashes with his peers' casual attitudes. His weapon of choice is a hammer.
A member of the Order who only recently joined. Shishiba serves as a sort of mentor to her. She is childish, mischievous, often fretful, and rather gullible, but ruthless as a killer. She has a great love for food, especially snacks. Her weapon of choice is a large circular saw.
A member of the Order. He is harsh and highly intimidating, but cares for the safety of others above all else; Nagumo enjoys antagonizing him due to this tsundere nature. He has incredible physical strength.
A legendary, almost mythical member of the Order. He is elderly, seems to always be half-asleep, and constantly murmurs inaudibly under his breath, but is terrifyingly strong, able to slice through nearly anything. His weapon of choice is a katana.
A member of the Order who secretly works for X. He is an eccentric movie director famous for movies about assassins; his passion is so great he will unhesitatingly kill anyone who insults movies. His weapon of choice is a bladed clapperboard and a heat-ray camera.


Akira Akao
A very timid and anxious girl who befriends Sakamoto during the JCC entrance exam. She is good at housework and seemingly has no instincts as an assassin, but has great speed and reflexes, and seems to visualize a "path" she can follow to kill an opponent. She is the niece of Rion Akao, an incredibly skilled assassin and one of Sakamoto's friends in his JCC days, who also visualized the same "path".
Natsuki Seba
A sarcastic and dry student in the research department who temporarily worked for Kashima as an enforcer. He is the older brother of Mafuyu. His fighting skills are only average, but he has created a suit that grants invisibility to anything it covers, making him a tricky opponent.
Mafuyu Seba
A germaphobic, easily-agitated 14-year-old boy who aspires to be an assassin and participates in the JCC entrance exam. Despite his age, he is highly skilled and ruthless. He is the younger brother of Natsuki. His weapons of choice are blades built into his boots, as he hates getting his hands dirty.
Nao Toramaru
A cheery girl who is an obsessive fan of Sakamoto and participates in the JCC entrance exam. Her obsession is so great, she even views Sakamoto as a godlike figure, and targets Shin when she realizes he admires Sakamoto as well, though not realizing their connection. Her weapon of choice is a gun/axe hybrid.
Joichiro Kaji
An incredibly shy boy who participates in the JCC entrance exam. He has highly sensitive hearing, able to pick out distinct, faint sounds even amongst static.
Jay Erk/Kill Baby
An overconfident man who participates in the JCC entrance exam, despite the fact that he has failed the same exam four times prior. He is teamed up with Sakamoto and Akira during the exam and seems to pass every challenge with simply good luck.

X's GangEdit

The main antagonist of the series. Also known as Slur. A serial killer who is hunting assassins and seeks to overthrow the JAA, desiring to kill only those he considers evil for the sake of a better society. This doctrine has earned him many admirers in the assassin world, who treat him as an almost religious figure. He is cold and determined when trying to accomplish his mission, but very caring and friendly towards his subordinates. He has met Sakamoto in the past, who is the only one who has injured him.
A cyborg who works for X. He often wears a reindeer mask to cover his heavily stitched face. He is cruel and ruthless, and believes his killing is justified under X's doctrine. He utilizes the various weaponry installed inside his body, such as several blades and guns to fight.
An incredibly skilled member of X's crew. He is highly lackadaisical towards everything, even killing. His weapon of choice is a mace with a blaster built into the head.

Other antagonistsEdit

A serial killer from death row. She kills those she loves to maintain their attention forevermore. Her weapons of choice are spikes that shoot out from her body.
A serial killer from death row. He kills to provide people with a satisfying ending to their lives. His weapon of choice is an axe tied to a rope.
A serial killer from death row. He kills to "see inside" others so he can "connect" with them. His weapons of choice are steel wires he uses slice his targets to pieces.
A serial killer from death row. He kills to alleviate his boredom. He uses his incredible strength to crush objects into balls with his bare hands.
A former member of the Order who was banished for failing an important mission. He is very calm and analytical. His weapon of choice is a bladed, three-sectioned staff.


Sakamoto Days is written and illustrated by Yuto Suzuki [ja]. Suzuki first published a one-shot titled Sakamoto (SAKAMOTO-サカモト-) in Shueisha's Jump GIGA on December 26, 2019.[2] Sakamoto Days debuted in Shueisha's shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump on November 21, 2020.[3][1] Shueisha has collected its chapters into individual tankōbon volumes. The first volume was released on April 2, 2021.[4] As of August 4, 2022, eight volumes have been released.[5]

The series is simulpublished in English by Viz Media and the Manga Plus online platform.[6] Viz Media will release its volumes in print, starting on April 5, 2022.[7][8]

Volume listEdit

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 April 2, 2021[4]978-4-08-882657-8April 5, 2022[8]978-1-9747-2894-7
  1. Days 1: "The Legendary Hit Man" (伝説の殺し屋, Densetsu no Koroshiya)
  2. Days 2: "Sakamoto Family Rules" (坂本家家訓, Sakamoto Kekakun)
  3. Days 3: "Officer Nakase and the Mysterious Hero" (ナカセ巡査と謎のヒーロー, Nakase-junsa to Nazo no Hīrō)
  4. Days 4: "China Invasion!" (チャイナ襲来!, Chaina Shūrai!)
  1. Days 5: "Vs. Son Hee and Bacho" (VSソンヒ・バチョウ, Buiesu Sonhi Bachō)
  2. Days 6: "Nagumo" (ナグモ, Nagumo)
  3. Days 7: "Welcome to Sugar Park!" (シュガーパークへようこそ!, Shugāpāku e Yōkoso!)
2 June 4, 2021[9]978-4-08-882685-1June 14, 2022[10]978-1-9747-3214-2
  1. Days 8: "Showtime" (ショータイム, Shōtaimu)
  2. Days 9: "Boiled and Obiguro" (ボイルと帯黒, Boiru to Obiguro)
  3. Days 10: "Hard-Boiled" (ハードボイルド, Hādo Boirudo)
  4. Days 11: "Sakamoto vs. Boiled" (坂本VSボイル, Sakamoto Buiesu Boiru)
  5. Days 12: "Source of Strength" (強さの理由, Tsuyosa no Wake)
  1. Days 13: "Video Rental" (レンタルビデオ, Rentaru Bideo)
  2. Days 14: "Stealth Mission" (スニーキングミッション, Sunīkingu Misshon)
  3. Days 15: "Initiation" (始動, Shidō)
  4. Days 16: "Department Store War" (デパート戦せん争, Depāto Sensō)
3 September 3, 2021[11]978-4-08-882763-6August 9, 2022[12]978-1-9747-3219-7
  1. Days 17: "Heisuke Mashimo" (マシモ ヘイスケ, Mashimo Heisuke)
  2. Days 18: "Versus Sniper" (VSスナイパー, Bui Esu Sunaipā)
  3. Days 19: "Fight" (けんか, Kenka)
  4. Days 20: "Invisible Highway" (透明高速, Tōmei Kōsoku)
  5. Days 21: "Let’s Go to the Museum!" (博物館に行こう!, Hakubutsukan ni Ikō!)
  1. Days 22: "Jurassic Bastard" (ジュラシック野郎, Jurashikku Yarō)
  2. Days 23: "Asakura and Shin" (朝倉とシン, Asakura to Shin)
  3. Days 24: "Assassins X Science" (殺し屋×科学, Koroshiya x Kagaku)
  4. Days 25: "Science Bastard" (サイエンス野郎, Saiensu Yarō)
4 November 4, 2021[13]978-4-08-882819-0October 11, 2022[14]978-1-9747-3396-5
  1. Days 26: "Order" (ORDER, Ōdā)
  2. Days 27: "Sakamoto’s vs. The Lab" (坂本商店 VS LABO, Sakamoto-shōten Buiesu Rabo)
  3. Days 28: "Top-Notch" (一流, Ichiryū)
  4. Days 29: "All Aboard" (かけこみ乗車, Kakekomi Jōsha)
  5. Days 30: "Quiet on the Train" (車内ではお静かに, Shanai de wa o Shizuka ni)
  1. Days 31: "See?" (ほらな, Hora na)
  2. Days 32: "Bathhouse Mode" (せんとうモード, Sentō Mōdo)
  3. Days 33: "Surprise" (サプライズ, Supuraizu)
  4. Days 34: "Wutang" (ウータン, Ūtan)
5 January 4, 2022[15]978-4-08-882879-4
  1. Days 35: "Wutang, Part 2" (ウータン②, Ūtan 2)
  2. Days 36: "Wutang, Part 3" (ウータン③, Ūtan 3)
  3. Days 37: "Death Row Prisoner" (死刑囚, Shikeishu)
  4. Days 38: "No Brakes" (ノーブレーキ, Nōburēki)
  5. Days 39: "Encounter" (ENCOUNT, Enkaunto)
  1. Days 40: "Overload" (Overload, Ōbārōdo)
  2. Days 41: "How to Live" (生き様, Ikizama)
  3. Days 42: "Just Desserts" (ばちあたり, Ba chi Atari)
  4. Days 43: "I Love You" (すき。, Suki.)
6 March 4, 2022[16]978-4-08-883072-8
  1. Days 44: "Every Which Way" (レてんでんばらばら, Tendenbarabara)
  2. Days 45: "Strong Assault" (強襲, Kyōshū)
  3. Days 46: "Bad Luck" (ツいてないね, Tsu Itenai ne)
  4. Days 47: "Going Up" (上へ参ります, Ue e Mairimasu)
  5. Days 48: "The Heart Thread" (心の糸, Kokoro no Ito)
  1. "Days 49: "Round and Round the Tower" (ぐるぐるタワー, Guruguru Tawā)
  2. "Days 50: "Bicycle" (自転車, Jitensha)
  3. "Days 51: "Parade" (パレード, Parēdo)
  4. "Days 52: "Slice Slice Dance" (斬斬舞, Zan Zan Mai)
7 June 3, 2022[17]978-4-08-883147-3
  1. Days 53: "No Way" (無理無理, Muri Muri)
  2. Days 54: "I Got This" (お安い御用, Oyasuigoyō)
  3. Days 55: "Break" (ブレーク, Burēku)
  4. Days 56: "JCC" (ジェーシーシー, Jēshīshī)
  5. Days 57: "Have a Nice Flight" (ハヴアナイスフライト, Havu a Naisu Furaito)
  1. Days 58: "Newbies" (新人, Rūkī)
  2. Days 59: "Cut" (CUT, Katto)
  3. Days 60: "Kanaguri" (カナグリ)
  4. Days 61: "Pretty Decent" (ちょっと得意なんです, Chotto Tokuina ndesu)
8 August 4, 2022[5]978-4-08-883191-6
  1. Days 62: "Exam, Stage Three" (三次試験, Sanji Shiken)
  2. Days 63: "Survival" (サバイバル, Sabaibaru)
  3. Days 64: "Path" (, Michi)
  4. Days 65: "Mutual Fans" (推し被り, Oshi Kaburi)
  5. Days 66: "Lag" (ラグ, Ragu)
  1. Days 67: "Remote Work" (リモートワーク, Rimōto Wāku)
  2. Days 68: "Fwollow Me" (くれりゅか, Kureryuka)
  3. Days 69: "Kaji" (カジ, Kaji)
  4. Days 70: "Sounds vs. Gaku" (オトVSブイエスガク, Oto Buiesu Gaku)
9 November 4, 2022[18]978-4-08-883292-0

Chapters not yet in tankōbon formatEdit

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume. They were originally serialized in Japanese in issues of Shueisha's magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump and its English digital version published by Viz Media and in Manga Plus by Shueisha.

  1. Days 71: "Hard Mode" (ハードモード, Hādo Mōdo)
  2. Days 72: "So Long" (じゃーな, Jāna)
  3. Days 73: "Killer Lotto Scratch" (コロレンスクラッチ, Kororen Sukuratchi)
  4. Days 74: "Undercover" (せんにゅう, Sennyū)
  5. Days 75: "Damn Telepath" (くそエスパー, Kuso Esupā)
  6. Days 76: "Each One's Mission" (それぞれのミッション, Sorezore no Misshon)
  7. Days 77: "K-I-L-L-I-N-G" (コ・ロ・シ・テ・ル, Ko-ro-shi-te-ru)
  8. Days 78: "Banished" (われたおとこ, Owareta Otoko)
  9. Days 79: "Invisible Intent to Kill" (透明な殺意, Tōmeina Satsui)
  10. Days 80: "Reunion" (再開, Saikai)
  11. Days 81: "Test" (テスト, Tesuto)
  12. Days 82: "Aikido Love" (愛気道, Aikidō)
  13. Days 83: "Genius Style" (天才の流儀, Tensai no Ryūgi)
  14. Days 84: "What a Nice Smell" (いいにおい, Ii Nioi)
  15. Days 85: "Nightmare" (悪夢, Akumu)
  16. Days 86: "Third-Rate Style" (三流の流儀, Sanryū no Ryūgi)
  17. Days 87: "Database" (データバンク, Dētabanku)
  18. Days 88: "Clap" (ぱん, Pan)
  19. Days 89: "Sensei" (先生)


Sakamoto Days was nominated for Best Print Manga at the 2021 Next Manga Awards. It placed 9th out of 50 nominees, but won the U-Next Prize.[19] The series ranked 6th on the Nationwide Bookstore Employees' Recommended Comics of 2022.[20] Manga author Hiromu Arakawa recommended the series with a comment featured on the obi of the 6th volume.[21]


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