Sylvius of Toulouse

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Saint Sylvius of Toulouse (Silvius, French: Selve, Sylve) was bishop of Toulouse from 360 AD to 400 AD. He was succeeded by Saint Exuperius.[1] Sylvius began construction of the basilica of St. Sernin of Toulouse towards the end of the 4th century.[2] The church was later completed by his successor Exuperius.[2] Sylvius' remains were later transferred to the church he had begun.[2]

Saint Sylvius of Toulouse
Saint Sylve, Basilique Saint-Sernin.jpg
Statue of St. Sylvius. Basilica of St. Sernin, Toulouse.
Diedc. 400 AD
Major shrineBasilica of St. Sernin, Toulouse.


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