Saint Petka Serbian Orthodox Church

Saint Petka Serbian Orthodox Church (Serbian: Црква Свете Петке), built in 1962 as the Maidstone Central Public School, is located in Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada.[1]The school was one of the many buildings constructed across Canada in the early and mid-1960s in commemoration of the upcoming Centennial.[2]


The 1962 building was designed and built in Post Modern design by architect John Peter Thomson (1885-1973)[3]who lived in Windsor where he commuted every day to Detroit to work with George D. Mason and the legendary Albert Kahn. It was with Kahn that Thomson was given responsibility for the design of several skyscrapers and assembly plant buildings in the Detroit area. He also took on work under his own name and opened his own firm in Windsor in 1936.[4]

Saint Petka Parish is unique for its orientation to landscape, horizontal, clean lines, flat facade, with a main entrance in glass and decorative ceramic tiles. Also, its interior mirror these attributes. The building is of architectural value because it is the best example in the County of Essex of Modern design, popularly known as International style. Following modernist design principles, Thomson's building features open space planning with harmony and balance.


On 11 April 2014, the Greater Essex County School Board sold the school and 8.2-acre lot to the Serbian Orthodox Church, Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Canada. The building now serves as a parish home to a hundred Serbian families in Tecumseh and Lakeshore, Ontario. Most of them arrived after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, beginning in the early 1990s.[5]

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