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The Saint Paul Trail is a long-distance footpath in Turkey, approximately 500 km long. The trail begins in Perge, about 10 km to east of Antalya, and it ends in Yalvaç, Isparta, northeast of Lake Eğirdir. A second branch starts at the Oluk Köprüsü (Roman Bridge over the Köprülü River), 100 km north-east of Antalya, and joins the main route at the ancient Roman site of Adada.

The name of the trail is derived from the fact that a part of it follows the route Saint Paul the Apostle took on his first missionary journey to Anatolia. It starts at sea level and climbs to 2200 m in elevation. It is marked along the way with red and white stripes to Grande Randonnée standards.

The trail is one of a group of trails associated with the Culture Routes Society of Turkey. The organization publishes a guidebook for the Saint Paul Trail,[1] and in September 2011 released a digital guidebook iPhone application that provides users with GPS navigation and localized information about trail attractions and amenities.[2]


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