Saint Michael's Catholic Church (Galena, Illinois)

Saint Michael's Church is a parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockford. The church is located in Galena, Illinois, United States, at 227 South Bench Street in Galena.

Saint Michael's Catholic Church
Coordinates: 42°24′55.1″N 90°25′49.2″W / 42.415306°N 90.430333°W / 42.415306; -90.430333
Location227 South Bench Street,
Galena, Illinois
CountryUnited States
DenominationRoman Catholic
WebsiteSaint Michael's Web site
StatusParish church
FoundedAugust 22, 1832 (August 22, 1832)
Founder(s)Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli
StyleRomanesque Revival
Length135 feet
Width60 feet
Height35 feet
ArchbishopFrancis George
Bishop(s)David John Malloy

The parish is named after the Archangel Michael, and is seated on a hill overlooking downtown Galena.


The parish traces its history back to August 22, 1832, when it was founded by the pioneer priest, Father Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli, who served as pastor of the parish from 1835 to 1843, and during this time directed the building of a church. This parish served until it was destroyed by a fire which had consumed a good portion of downtown Galena.

Father Mazzuchelli began working with St. Michael's parish to build a new building to replace the one lost in the fire. This new building had a truss formation to hold the weight of the roof, which helped eliminate the need for pillars within the church. This building still stands today, and continues to serve as a place of worship.

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