Maurus of Parentium

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Saint Maurus of Parentium is the patron saint of the Croatian city of Poreč, called Parentium in Roman times. The Church has existed in Istria since the times of the early Christian martyrs. St. Maurus (sv. Mavro) was the first bishop of Poreč and the Istrian diocese who suffered a martyred death in the late 3rd century. A basilica was built in Poreč in the 5th century called Euphrasian Basilica where the relics of Saint Maurus, now the patron saint of the city, are kept in the votive chapel called a martyrium. He is shown on the mosaic of the basilica with a martyr's crown in his hand.

Croatia Porec Euphrasius Basilika BW 2014-10-08 10-44-45.jpg
St Maurus on the Mosaic with Mother Mary and Child shown third from left with a crown of martyrdom in his hand
Bishop and Martyr
Born3rd century
Diedlate 3rd century
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Major shrineVotive chapel in the Euphrasian basilica
Feast21 November
Attributesbishop holding the crown of martyrdoom in his hand
PatronagePoreč, Croatia