Saiko no Jinsei

Saikō no Jinsei no Owarikata: Ending Planner (最高の人生の終り方~エンディングプランナー~, lit. The best way to complete a life: Ending planner) is a Japanese television drama series. It premiered on TBS on January 12, 2012.[1] The drama revolves around the members of the Ihara family who operate a funeral parlor in Tokyo.[2]

Saikō no Jinsei no Owarikata: Ending Planner
GenreMystery, slice of life, romantic comedy
StarringTomohisa Yamashita
Nana Eikura
Takashi Sorimachi
Atsuko Maeda
Yuri Chinen
Ito Ono
Kohei Otomo
Tsutomu Yamazaki
Country of originJapan
Original languageJapanese
Original networkTBS
Original releaseJanuary 12, 2012 (2012-01-12)

Show SynopsisEdit

The funeral parlor Ihara-ya (井原屋) has been run by Ihara Masato’s (Tomohisa Yamashita) family for generations. Masato grows to hate the family business due to the teasing he suffers from for being "the undertaker's kid", and he leaves home early in life. The sudden death of his estranged father and the disappearance of his older brother Kento (Takashi Sorimachi) leave the Ihara-ya in Masato's reluctant hands.

The Ihara-ya has close ties with the police and mostly handles the bodies of people who have died under mysterious or unexplained circumstances. On occasions, when the police simply classify the deaths as accidental, Masato tries to find out the truth for the sake of the surviving family, even though he knows that he is being meddlesome.

Masato ends up dealing with these silent bodies, the painful reasons behind their deaths, and the harsh realities of the world together with rookie detective Sakamaki Yuki (Nana Eikura). As he does so, he starts to face up to his own life and family.




Tomohisa Yamashita Ihara Masato (井原真人) Second son of the Ihara family; takes over Ihara-ya after his father's death; formerly a high-level employee in an izakaya chain
Nana Eikura Sakamaki Yuki (坂巻優樹) Rookie detective; former acquaintance of Masato
Takashi Sorimachi Ihara Kento (井原健人) Eldest son of the Ihara family; Masato's half-brother; worked at the Ihara-ya since graduating from high school; mysteriously disappeared two months before his father's death
Atsuko Maeda Ihara Haruka (井原晴香) Middle child and eldest daughter of the Ihara family; looks after the accounts of Ihara-ya; suffers from a minor physical disability
Yuri Chinen Ihara Hayato (井原隼人) Youngest son of the Ihara family; university student; left home early in life like Masato
Ito Ono Ihara Momoko (井原桃子) Youngest child of the Ihara family
Kohei Otomo Tanaka Eisuke (田中英輔) Ihara-ya employee
Tsutomu Yamazaki Iwata Itsuro (岩田逸郎) Former police chief; Ihara family friend
Keizo Kanie Ihara Kotaro (井原浩太郎) Ihara patriarch; Masato's father
Kensei Mikami Nagamine Jun (長峰 潤) TBA
Sansei Shiomi Kinohara Yoshio (木野原義男) TBA
Isono Kiroko Kagawa Yuko (香川夕子) TBA
Rei Okamoto Mizuno Kanako (水野可南子) TBA
Mami Hashimoto Murauchi Yayoi (村内弥生) TBA
Masaya Kikawada Kawahara Tatsuho (川原達法) TBA



Episode Air date Title Outline Rating
1 January 12, 2012 (2012-01-12) TBA TBA 15.3


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