Said al-Ghazzi

Said Al-Ghazzi (Arabic: سعيد الغزي‎) (11 June 1893 ‎ – 18 September 1967) was a Syrian lawyer, politician and two time prime minister of Syria.[1] He was born in Damascus and was of Turkish origin.[2] His daughter Nadia al-Ghazzi is a lawyer, writer, and TV presenter, and his niece is the poet and artist Huda Naamani.[2]

Said al-Ghazzi
سعيد الغزي
Said al-Ghazzi.jpg
Prime Minister al-Ghazzi at the Syrian Parliament in 1956
35th & 38th Prime Minister of Syria
In office
19 June 1954 – 3 November 1954
PresidentHashim al-Atassi
Preceded bySabri al-Assali
Succeeded byFaris al-Khoury
In office
13 September 1955 – 14 June 1956
PresidentShukri al-Quwatli
Preceded bySabri al-Assali
Succeeded bySabri al-Assali
Speaker of the Parliament of Syria
In office
September 17, 1962 – March 7, 1963
Preceded byAnwar Sadat
Succeeded byMansur al-Atrash
Personal details
Born11 June 1893
Damascus, Ottoman Syria
Died18 September 1967 (aged 74)
Political partyIndependent


  1. ^ Moubayed, Sami M. (2002), Damascus between democracy and dictatorship, University Press of America, p. 120, ISBN 978-0-7618-1744-4
  2. ^ a b Cooke, Miriam (2007), Dissident Syria: making oppositional arts official, Duke University Press, p. 40, ISBN 978-0822340355, One day, she [Houda Naamani] invited me along with a group of women from the "old bourgeoisie." Over tea and fruit they talked about the good old days, their Turkish grandparents, and the lost world of courtly etiquette… She would like to introduce me to her cousin… Nadia al-Ghazzi… She told me about her family: her father [Said al-Ghazzi], who had been prime minister during the presidency of Shukri al-Quwatli in the early days of Syria's independence, and her mother, who had danced with Ataturk when she was fourteen.
Political offices
Preceded by Prime Minister of Syria
19 June 1954 – 3 November 1954
Succeeded by
Preceded by Prime Minister of Syria
13 September 1955 – 14 June 1956
Succeeded by