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Saffron Henderson (born December 27, 1967) is a Canadian voice actress and singer who often works with Ocean Productions in numerous anime dubs. Henderson tends to be cast as mature and flirtatious women, young boys and teenage girls, as well as foreign women and motherly figures. Her best known roles are Kid Goku and Kid Gohan in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Shenhua in Black Lagoon, Sachiko Yagami in Death Note, Lucrezia Noin in Gundam Wing and Oxnard in Hamtaro. She's the daughter of Bill Henderson, the lead guitarist and singer of the Canadian rock band Chilliwack, and has a younger sister named Camille, who is also a singer.

Saffron Henderson
Born (1967-12-27) December 27, 1967 (age 50)[1]
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Residence Vancouver, British Columbia
Occupation Voice actress, singer
Years active 1979–2014
Spouse(s) Chris Pritchett (2001-present)[2]
Children 2
Relatives Bill Henderson (father)
Camille Henderson (sister)

Henderson has also done some live-action work as well. In 1989, she appeared in The Fly II as Veronica Quaife, the romantic comedy Cousins as Terri Costello, and Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan as rocker J.J. who is killed by Jason Voorhees with her own guitar.

Saffron has also provided backing vocals on several albums, including for ex Free/Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers' 1999 album Electric.

In an interview with Toon Zone, Henderson said that, if she weren't an actress, she would have been a psychologist in order to help people with diabetes, from which she suffers.[1] In the same interview, she mentions Peter Sellers as an influence and that she worked as a showgirl in Spain when she was seventeen. [2]


Voice rolesEdit

Singing rolesEdit

  • Rainbow Fish (backing vocals, main title)
  • The Bitsy Bears (main title)


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