Ja'far al-Sadiq, sixth Imam of (Shia) Islam. Known at times simply as Sadiq (The Truthful), he was an 8th-century Muslim scholar and scientist, considered as an Imam and founder of the Ja'fari school of jurisprudence by Twelver and Isma'ili Shi’as, and a major figure in the Hanafi and Maliki schools of Sunni jurisprudence[1]

Sadiq is also an Arabic / Islamic common given name and surname. It may also refer to:


  • Sadiq (Indian actor), or Mohammed Sadiq, an Indian actor in Malayalam movies
  • Mir Sadiq or Gudu Khan, politician who held the post of a minister in the cabinet of Tipu Sultan of Mysore in the late 18th century


  • Muhammad III as-Sadiq or 'As-Sadiq' (Arabic: الصادق) meaning 'the righteous') (1813–1882), the Husainid Bey of Tunis from 1859 until 1882

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