Sack of Naples

The Sack of Naples occurred in 1544 when Algerians captured the Bay of Naples and enslaved 7,000 Italians.

Sack of Naples
P Gaultier 1754 18th-Century-Map-of-Napoli.jpg
Map of the Bay of Naples

• Capture of the Bay of Naples

• 7,000 enslaved[1][2][3]
Bandera de Nápoles - Trastámara.svg Kingdom of Naples Flag of Ottoman Algiers.svg Regency of Algiers
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
7,000 enslaved Unknown

In 1544 Algerian corsairs sailed into the Bay of Naples and captured it. They then took an astounding amount of 7,000 Italian slaves.[1][3]

The number of slaves taken by the Algerians drove the price of slaves so low that it was said “you could swap a Christian for an onion”.[4][2][1] Moreover, it was said to be “raining Christians in Algiers”.[2]