Sacha Pitoëff

Sacha Pitoëff (11 March 1920 – 21 July 1990) was a Swiss film actor and theatre director.

Sacha Pitoëff
Anastasia (1956) trailer 1.jpg
Sacha Pitoeff (on the left) with Ingrid Bergman, Akim Tamiroff and Yul Brinner in Anastasia (1956).
Born(1920-03-11)11 March 1920
Died21 July 1990(1990-07-21) (aged 70)
Years active1952-1980

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, the son of Georges and Ludmilla Pitoëff, Sacha Pitoëff played his first film role in 1952. Appearing in over 50 films, he is probably best known for his performance in Alain Resnais's enigmatic Last Year at Marienbad (1960), as a character known simply as "M". He was also featured in roles of various sizes in such films as René Clément's Is Paris Burning? (1967) and Jacques Demy's Donkey Skin (1970). Toward the end of his career, he began appearing in horror films, including Dario Argento's Inferno (1980) and the low budget Patrick Still Lives (1980). His height, face and hands suggest he may have had Marfan syndrome.

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