Saburtalo Pantheon

The Saburtalo Pantheon (Georgian: საბურთალოს საზოგადო მოღვაწეთა პანთეონი) is a burial site in Tbilisi, Georgia, where some of the most prominent scientists and cultural activities are buried. It was opened in the 1970s. It consists of old (closed) and new (opened in 2002) pantheons.

Saburtalo Pantheon
საბურთალოს საზოგადო მოღვაწეთა პანთეონი
Saburtalo Pantheon is located in Tbilisi
Saburtalo Pantheon
Location within Tbilisi
Coordinates41°42′57″N 44°44′04″E / 41.71583°N 44.73444°E / 41.71583; 44.73444Coordinates: 41°42′57″N 44°44′04″E / 41.71583°N 44.73444°E / 41.71583; 44.73444
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