Sabr ad-Din I

Sabr ad-Din I (fl. 1332) was a sultan of Ifat. He was the son of Nahwi bin Mansur bin Umar Walashma and younger brother of Haqq ad-Din I.

Sabr ad-Din
Emir of the Ifat Sultanate
Reignflourished 1332
Sabr ad-Din I
DynastyWalashma dynasty
FatherNahwi bin Mansur bin Umar Walashma


Sabr ad-Din rallied his fellow Muslims in a counter-offensive in early 1332 against the Christian Ethiopians. However, the Emperor Amda Seyon I defeated him in battle, then invaded a number of Islamic kingdoms, including Dawaro and Bale. This brought an end to the independent kingdoms of Hadiya, Fatager, Dawaro and Ifat.[1]

Sabr ad-Din was captured with his ally, King Haydara of Dawaro, and the two were imprisoned together. The Emperor Amda Seyon appointed as his successor his brother, Jamal ad-Din I.[2]

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