SS Sauternes

SS Sauternes was a steamship built in 1922. It was known as the Jólaskipið (the Christmas Ship) in the Faroe Islands. It sank in a storm in the firth Fugloyarfjørður within the Faroe Islands on 7 December 1941; all 25 passengers and crew were lost. Among the casualties was Captain George Albert Perris of the Royal Army Service Corps. He is buried in Klaksvík old cemetery, along with four other service personnel from the same disaster.

SS Sauternes
United Kingdom
Name: SS Sauternes
Owner: Ministry of War Transport
Launched: 1922
Fate: Sank 7 December 1941
General characteristics
Type: Steamship

In addition to general cargo for the British garrison in the Faroes, Sauternes was also carrying 22,500 Danish kroner minted in the United Kingdom for use by the Faroese, since Denmark had been occupied by the Germans and was not sending any currency.

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