Florida State Road 100

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State Road 100 (SR 100) is a 153-mile-long (246 km) east–west highway serving northeastern Florida. Its western terminus is at the Georgia-Florida border four miles (6.4 km) north of Avoca, Florida (its continuation in Georgia is State Route 11); its eastern terminus is an intersection with Shore Scenic Highway (SR A1A) in Flagler Beach. The portion west of Lake City is only signed as portions of US 41 and US 129, both of which run north–south.

State Road 100 marker
State Road 100
Route information
Maintained by FDOT
Length153.173 mi[1] (246.508 km)
Major junctions
West end US 129 / SR 11 at the Georgia state line
Major intersections US 90 / US 41 / US 441 in Lake City
US 301 in Starke
US 17 / SR 20 in Palatka
US 1 / SR 11 in Bunnell
I-95 in Palm Coast
East end SR A1A in Flagler Beach
CountryUnited States
Highway system
SR 99 SR 101

Route descriptionEdit

Flagship Harbor Preserve from the State Road 100 Bridge

The northernmost eight miles (13 km) of SR 100 are signed (north–south) as US 129. For three miles (4.8 km) in Jasper, it merges with US 41 (SR 25) before separating from US 129 (which has the hidden Florida Department of Transportation designation SR 51 between the split and Live Oak).

East of Lake City, SR 100 is signed east–west as it continues along a northwest–southeast pathway toward the Atlantic Ocean, serving, amongst other municipalities, Lake Butler, Starke, Keystone Heights, and Putnam Hall before merging with US 17 (hidden SR 15) on Reid Street in Palatka, just west of their bridge crossing at St. Johns River.

State Road 100 separates from US 17/SR 15 in San Mateo and continues in a more easterly direction through Shell Bluff, Bimini, Bunnell (where SR 100 overlaps U.S. Route 1/SR 5 for a mile) and Palm Coast before it reaches SR A1A in Flagler Beach on the Atlantic coast.

Major intersectionsEdit

Hamilton0.0000.000   US 129 north / SR 11 north – Statenville, LakelandGeorgia state line
see US 129 (mile 87.881-76.954) and US 41 (mile 466.038-434.658)
ColumbiaLake City38.90662.613   
US 90 west (West Duval Street / SR 10) / US 41 south / US 441 Truck south (Main Boulevard / SR 25 / SR 47) to I-75 – Live Oak, High Springs
east end of US 41 / US 441 Truck / SR 25 overlap; west end of US 90 / SR 10 / SR 47 overlap
39.04762.840  US 441 (Marion Avenue / SR 25A south / SR 47 north) – Downtown Lake Cityeast end of SR 47 overlap
Watertown41.06966.094  US 90 east (SR 10) / Northeast Bascom Norris Drive (CR 100A west) – Macclennyeast end of US 90 / SR 10 overlap
SR 10A (Southeast Baya Drive) to US 90 east
41.86267.370  CR 245
43.02169.236  CR 245A south
Lulu49.63479.878  CR 241 south
Union51.66783.150  CR 239 south
54.95688.443  CR 100A east
59.46195.693  CR 231 north – Olustee
Lake Butler60.33297.095   
SR 238 west (Dr. M.L. King Jr. Avenue) / CR 238 north (Northwest 6th Avenue) to SR 231 south – Sanderson, Providence, Reception and Medical Center
61.53799.034  SR 121 – Gainesville, Macclenny
63.928102.882  CR 237 south (Seeber Johns Road)
64.176103.281  CR 237 north
New River65.00104.61Long Bridge
Bradford65.579105.539  CR 235 north
66.879107.631  CR 235 south
71.321114.780  CR 225 north
Starke74.088119.233  CR 100A east – National Guard Armory
US 301 Alt. (Starke Bypass / SR 223) – Jacksonville, Gainesville
Interchange; Truck bypass of US 301
US 301 (Temple Avenue / SR 200) to SR 16 – Lawtey, Gainesville
SR 230 Truck east (South Water Street)
77.071124.034  CR 100A east
79.332127.672  CR 100A west
83.291134.044  CR 18 west – Hampton
84.594136.141  CR 18 east
85.196137.110  CR 18 west (Southeast 66th Street)
86.086138.542  CR 21B south
Clay87.653141.064  CR 100B east
Keystone Heights88.089141.766  CR 100B west
88.363142.206  SR 21 – Melrose, Middleburg, Gold Head Branch State Park
Lake Geneva89.940144.744  CR 214 east
90.774146.087  CR 214 west
91.897147.894  CR 219 south
PutnamPutnam Hall93.834151.011  SR 26 west – Melrose
Grandin96.909155.960  CR 315 – Interlachen
109.503176.228  CR 309D north – Bardin
Springside110.129177.235  CR 309C south
112.133180.461  CR 216 east
Palatka113.126182.059  SR 19 – Salt Springs, St. Johns River State College, truck route to SR 20 west
113.935183.361  US 17 north (SR 15)west end of US 17 / SR 15 overlap
115.130185.284  SR 20 west (9th Street) – Interlachen, Ravine Gardens State Parkwest end of SR 20 overlap
116.1186.8Memorial Bridge over St. Johns River
East Palatka117.782189.552  SR 207 north – Hastings, St. Augustine
San Mateo120.783194.381  US 17 south (SR 15) – Pomona Parkeast end of US 17 / SR 15 overlap
Flagler134.540216.521  CR 2005 south (Water Oak Road)
137.528221.330  CR 305 south – St. Johns Park, Seville
139.026223.741  CR 205 north – Espanola, Flagler County Recreation Area and Fairgrounds
141.209227.254  CR 302 west
Bunnell144.560232.647  US 1 north (SR 5) – St. Augustineeast end of SR 20 overlap; west end of US 1 / SR 5 overlap
144.982233.326   US 1 south (South State Street / SR 5) / SR 11 south (West Moody Boulevard) – Daytona Beach, DeLandeast end of US 1 / SR 5 overlap
Palm Coast149.71240.93  I-95 (SR 9) – Jacksonville, MiamiI-95 exit 284
149.977241.365Old Kings Road (CR 2001 south) - Palm Coast, Bulow Plantation Ruins
Flagler Beach151.986244.598John Anderson Highway (CR 201 south)
152.54245.49Flagler Beach Bridge over Intracoastal Waterway
153.173246.508  SR A1A – Beverly Beach, Marineland, Ormond Beach, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, Gamble Rogers State Park
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related routesEdit

State Road 100 contains a total of five suffixed alternates in three counties.

Bradford CountyEdit


County Road 100A


County Road 100A can be found in two locations outside of Starke, Florida. The first segment is southeast of Starke on the east side of the road. It begins as Southeast Creek 100A running northeast until after the intersection with Southeast 125th Terrace, where it then turns north, winding around the farmland east of the city. Further north it crosses a railroad line at the intersection with Southeast 142nd Street. Before the intersection with Southeast 144th Street, it makes a sharp left turn where it later intersects unmarked County Road 230A, a suffixed route of State Road 230. The road continues westward to cross the same railroad line and terminates back at SR 100, but 144th Street continues westward toward Southeast Eighth Street, which crosses the CSX Wildwood Subdivision, and turns right onto Alexander Road leading to US 301.[2]

The second County Road 100A begins at US 301 as Edwards Road and runs west. From Orange Avenue it continues straight west until after it crosses a bridge over a tributary to Alligator Creek, where it leaves the city limits and approaches another railroad line that terminates at the CSX Wildwood Subdivision, and then curves to the southwest. Eventually it makes a reverse J-hook curve to the north where it crosses the aforementioned railroad line, running through the forests west of the city before re-entering the city limits where it curves to the northeast and terminates at its parent route.[2]

County Road 100A1Edit


County Road 100A1


County Road 100A1 is signed as CR 100A, and has no connection to SR 100, but it is officially recognized as CR 100A1.[citation needed] The road begins as a dirt road south of the city that crosses a creek leading to Lake Rowell and becomes paved. That paved section runs north between US 301 and the CSX Wildwood Subdivision. The road doesn't enter the city limits until north of Southeast 145th Terrace, and finally terminates at US 301.

Union CountyEdit


County Road 100A

LocationUnion County

County Road 100A is located northwest of Lake Butler. It begins at SR 100 northwest of the bridge over Swift Creek, and heads northeast into County Road 231.[3]

Columbia CountyEdit


County Road 100A

LocationWatertown-Lake City

County Road 100A is known as Northwest Bascom Norris Drive, and Northeast Bascom Norris Drive. It begins at the southeast end of the concurrency of SR 100 with US 90 (SR 10) in Watertown, east of Lake City as Northeast Bascom Norris Drive. From there it runs north of US 90, intersecting with US 441 (SRs 25A/47) where it becomes Northwest Bascom Norris Drive, and eventually terminates at US 41 (SRs 25/100), where it also rejoins its parent route.[4]