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SOE F Section timeline

May 1941Edit

May 5
Georges Bégué was the first SOE agent dropped in France, 36. He set up radio communications and met agents who followed.
Giliana Balmaceda was the first female SOE agent to be sent to occupied France. She travelled to Vichy and as well as spying on Petain's government, collected documents such as ration cards that could be reproduced by the SOE for its undercover agents in France.

July 1941Edit

July 1
Brian Stonehouse parachuted into occupied France near the city of Tours, 37, in the Loire Valley.

October 1941Edit

October 24
Brian Stonehouse and Blanche Charlet were arrested by Milice in Chateau Hurlevent near Lyon, 69.

December 1941Edit

Brian Stonehouse was transferred to Fresnes prison, 94, in Paris

January 1942Edit

Peter Churchill was landed by submarine at Miramar, 06, in France to evaluate the Carte resistance group.

May 1942Edit

William Grover-Williams was parachuted into France and worked from Paris, 16ème. On the same plane is Christopher Burney, dropped blind on a different mission.

July 1942Edit

July 29/30
Claude de Baissac dropped with Harry Peulevé near Nimes. Peulevé broke leg and had to be left, and de Baissac despite a sprained ankle continued with his mission to set up the Scientist Network and to conduct espionage at Bordeaux.

August 1942Edit

August 27/28
John Starr arrived by parachute in a field near Valence, 26, in France on his first mission.
Peter Churchill went to Montpellier, 34, in France to organize the Spindle network.

September 1942Edit

September 24
Andrée Borrel and Lise de Baissac arrived by parachute at a field near Mer, Loir-et-Cher, not far from the Loire River

November 1942Edit

Gilbert Norman arrived in France, to join the Prosper Network in Paris.
George Starr and Odette Sansom arrived by boat near Cannes, 06, on the Mediterranean coast of France. The return voyage carried John Starr out of France following his uneventful first mission, taking with him reports collected by Peter Churchill.

December 1942Edit

Jack Agazarian arrived in Paris to join the Prosper Network

January 1943Edit

January 22
Henri Dericourt arrived in France and went to Paris as the section's air movements officer.

March 1943Edit

Peter Churchill returned to England with Henri Frager by Westland Lysander flight. On the inward flight Francis Cammaerts arrived to take Churchill's place in Hérault.

April 1943Edit

April 15
Peter Churchill arrived back in St Jorioz France.
April 16
Peter Churchill and Odette Sansom were arrested by Hugo Bleicher.

June 1943Edit

William Grover-Williams, Paris, was arrested by the Gestapo.
William Grover-Williams was moved to Sachsenhausen concentration camp.
June 16
Diana Rowden, Noor Inayat Khan, and Cecily Lefort arrived by air at a location north-east of Angers, 49, in the Loire Valley, where they were met by Henri Dericourt.
Jack Agazarian returned from working in Paris, France to England.
June 20
Frank Pickersgill and John Kenneth Macalister were parachuted into France. They were met by Yvonne Rudelatt, but were captured after a skirmish with waiting Gestapo.
June 23
Andrée Borrel, Francis Suttill and Gilbert Norman were arrested

July 1943Edit

July 18
John Starr was captured and placed in the custody of the Sicherheitsdienst in Dijon, 21.
July 22
Nicholas Bodington and Jack Agazarian returned to France to investigate the fate of the Prosper Network.
Jack Agazarian was arrested at a rendezvous in the rue de Rome near the Gare Saint-Lazare, which was a trap set by the Germans.

August 1943Edit

John Starr was transferred from Dijon, 21, to Fresnes prison, 94.
August 2
William Grover-Williams was captured and arrested in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, in Germany.

September 1943Edit

John Starr was transferred from Fresnes prison, 94, to 84 Avenue Foch.
September 15
Cecily Lefort was arrested by Gestapo in Montélimar, 26, Rhône-Alpes.
September 18
Harry Peulevé, Yolande Beekman and Harry Despaigne arrived by Lysander near Angers.

October 1943Edit

October 13
Noor Inyat Khan was arrested in Paris.
October 30
Vera Leigh was arrested at a café near the Place des Ternes in Paris and taken to Fresnes prison, 94.

November 1943Edit

November 18
Diana Rowden and John Young were arrested at Clairvaux-les-Lacs, 39 near Lons-le-Saunier.
November 19
Diana Rowden was taken to 84 Avenue Foch where she was interrogated for two weeks before being taken to Fresnes prison, 94.
November 25
Noor Inyat Khan, John Starr and Colonel Leon Faye escape from 84 Avenue Foch but are captured in the immediate vicinity.
November 26
Noor Inyat Khan and Colonel Leon Faye are sent to Germany.

January 1944Edit

January 13
Yolande Beekman and Gustave Bieler were arrested at the Café Moulin Brulé in Paris.

February 1944Edit

February 5
René Dumont-Guillemet and Henri Diacono were parachuted into Touraine to establish the Spiritualist circuit.
February 28
Madeleine Damerment, France Antelme and Lionel Lee arrived by parachute into a field near Chartres, 28, and were immediately arrested by waiting Gestapo.

March 1944Edit

March 2/3
Eileen Nearne lands near Les Lagneys Indre.
March 21
Harry Peulevé and Louis Bertheau were arrested in Brive-la-Gaillarde.

April 1944Edit

Maurice Southgate was arrested.
April 5
Lilian Rolfe was dropped near the city of Orléans, 45, to work with the "Historian" network run by George Wilkinson
April 29
John Hind Farmer and Nancy Wake of the "Freelance" network parachuted into Auvergne to liaise between London and the local Maquis.

May 1944Edit

May 13
Vera Leigh, Andrée Borrel, Odette Sansom, Diana Rowden, Yolande Beekman, Eliane Plewman and Madeleine Damerment were taken from Fresnes prison, 94, to 84 Avenue Foch, where they were joined by Sonya Olschanezky. They were all then moved to the civil prison at Karlsruhe in Germany.
May 24
1st Lt. Lee G. Johnson was captured by the Gestapo in Paris, France. He remained there until September, 1944. From there he was transferred to Stalag Luft 1, Barth, Germany. He remained there until April. 1945 liberation.

June 1944Edit

June 6
The D-Day landings occurred in Normandy.

July 1944Edit

Eileen Nearne arrested.
July 2
Henri Frager was arrested by Abwehr sergeant Hugo Bleicher at a rendezvous arranged by Roger Bardet.
July 6
Diana Rowden, Vera Leigh, and Andrée Borrel were shipped to the Natzweiler-Struthof, 67, concentration camp in the Vosges Mountains of Alsace (France) where they were injected with phenol and disposed of in the crematorium. Their arrival at the camp was witnessed by Brian Stonehouse.
Christine Granville arrived by parachute in France, joining the Jockey network led Francis Cammaerts.
July 31
Lilian Rolfe was arrested in Nargis, 45 and taken to Fresnes prison, 94.

August 1944Edit

September 1944Edit

October 1944Edit

February 1945Edit

February 5
Lilian Rolfe was executed and her body disposed of in the crematorium at Ravensbrück concentration camp.
February 17
John Starr was sent to Mauthausen concentration camp.
Violette Szabo taken from her cell in Ravensbrück concentration camp and shot in the back of the neck.

April 1945Edit

April 11
Harry Peulevé escaped from Schönebeck concentration camp.
April 29
Brian Stonehouse was liberated from Dachau concentration camp by American troops.

May 1945Edit

May 4
Peter Churchill was liberated in Austria by American troops.
May 7
Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies.