SK Austria Kärnten

SK Austria Kärnten was an Austrian association football club, from Klagenfurt, Carinthia.[2]

SK Austria Kärnten
Logo of SK Austria Kärnten
Full nameSK Austria Kärnten
GroundHypo-Arena, Klagenfurt
2009–1010th, Austrian Football Bundesliga


The club was formed on 1 June 2007 and took over the license of ASKÖ Pasching to play in the Austrian Football Bundesliga.[3] SK Austria took over the former name of rivalling FC Kärnten (as well as several notable players and sponsors' funds). In June 2010, the club announced it was filing for bankruptcy[4] and the city founded a new club, SK Austria Klagenfurt.


Austria Kärnten played its home games at Hypo-Arena in the south-west end of Klagenfurt.

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