SIBA (retailer)

SIBA AB (sometimes Siba or siba without capitalisation) was a large Swedish chain of home electronics retail stores. Siba was headquartered in Gothenburg. In 2009 there were 60 stores in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Founded1951; 71 years ago (1951)
FounderFolke Bengtsson
Defunct2017 (2017)
FateAll remaining locations rebranded as NetOnNet stores
Number of locations
60 (2009)
Area served
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
ParentNet On Net Group


SIBA was a success story that had its beginnings in 1951 at Herkulesgatan 7 on Hisingen. Net on Net Group (Siba's partner company) announced they would integrate Siba into Netonnet. Siba's official website now leads directly to NetOnNet's web shop and all stores were either made into NetonNet stores or closed down.[1]


The year was 1951 – a time when there was only one radio station that mainly offered radio readings. Music on the radio was unusual. Then started SIBA by Folke Bengtsson. Besides radios and radiogrammofoner sold chandeliers from own production.


Folke Bengtsson's son Bengt Bengtsson took over the business in 1961 and developed SIBA into a pure radio and television chain. SIBA grew with new stores in Gothenburg.


1974 SIBA opened Sweden's first department store for radio and TV in Backaplan in Gothenburg. The slogan "Lower rates – better service" was coined. People from Sweden and Norway flocked to Backaplan to buy consumer electronics.


During the mid to late 80's expanded SIBA, and new stores opened in the western and southern Sweden. As one of the first consumer electronics chains took SIBA 1989 up computers and telephony in its range.


SIBA third business, Kitchen and Laundry, was introduced in 1994. In autumn 1997, the chain was acquired by Tandy's Computer City, with stores in Sweden and Denmark. SIBA is now the largest reseller of data and voice services to the consumer market.

In the late 1990s, was SIBA biggest expansion ever. New stores opened across the country, including a number of stores in the Stockholm area. The goal was clear: to become the leading player in consumer electronics in the Nordic region.


In the 2000s SIBA continued its expansion in Sweden and Denmark. Additionally opened SIBA first store in Norway. Oslo residents queued for several weeks to pick up a bargain home in the Group's first store located in Furuseth.


SIBA has now consolidated its position as one of the leading Nordic chains for consumer electronics. SIBA 2011 celebrated its 60th anniversary.


Fabian Bengtsson end his CEO career on the company and will now continue on the board and take over the presidency from his father. He will continue to play the main role in the company's television commercials. The new CEO, Susanne Ehnbåge began her career at Siba as a business developer, and has since advanced to the business developer, marketing manager and vice president.


Siba's parent company Net On Net Group announced already in 2016 that the Siba chain would be integrated into NetOnNet. In 2017 all suitable stores had been converted and any remaining Siba stores had closed by the summer.


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