SF Masterworks

S.F. Masterworks is a series of science fiction novel reprints published by the Orion Publishing Group. The series is intended for the United Kingdom and Australian markets, but many editions are distributed to the United States and Canada by Hachette.

S.F. Masterworks
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreScience fiction
Media typePrint (Hardcover / Paperback)

Developed to feature important science fiction novels, the selections were described by science fiction author Iain M. Banks as "amazing" and "genuinely the best novels from sixty years of SF".[1] Many of the selected novels had been out of print in the United Kingdom for decades.

Its companion series include Fantasy Masterworks and Gateway Essentials.

Numbered seriesEdit

Softcover editions (1999–2007)Edit

  • ‡ Also published as part of SF Masterworks hardcover series.
  • * Some printings missing number stamps.

Hardcover editions (2001)Edit

First edition dust jackets included roman numeral number stamp. Reprints and editions distributed worldwide were stamped with arabic numerals.

Unpublished editionsEdit

The following were announced for publication in 2006, but were withdrawn in 2007.

Relaunch seriesEdit

A selection of titles from the series on display at a London bookshop.

Softcover editions (2010–present)Edit

The new designs sport yellow/white spines, with the SF Masterworks logo written vertically on the cover. For titles that were previously issued in the original series, generally the cover artwork is tinted in a different colour from the original version; for example, The Dispossessed cover artwork is primarily red in the original release, but was partly tinted green when republished in the new series.

‡ Also reprinted as hardcover edition

Hardcover editions (2010–2017)Edit

Unpublished editionsEdit

The following were announced, but appear to have been withdrawn:

Other seriesEdit

50th Anniversary (2011)Edit

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Gollancz, Orion published ten fan-chosen editions. Each were published with Gollancz's traditional red-on-yellow cover design. The series was marketed as part the S.F. Masterworks series.

Golden Age Masterworks (2019–present)Edit

Published to celebrate the 20th anniversary. The novels are marketed as S.F. Golden Age Masterworks.

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