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HLSQ-FM also known as SBS Power FM (KoreanSBS 파워FM) is a K-pop music radio station of the Seoul Broadcasting System. The station is heard nationwide via syndication with local FM stations in Korea via HLDG-FM in Busan, HLDE-FM in Daegu, HLDH-FM in Gwangju, HLDF-FM in Daejeon, HLDP-FM in Ulsan, HLDQ-FM in Jeonju, HLDR-FM in Cheongju, HLCG-FM in Gangwon, HLQC-FM in Jeju and HLKJ-FM in Seogwipo.

Broadcast areaSouth Korea South Korea
FrequencyFM: 107.7 MHz (Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi Province)
FM: 100.3 MHz (Dongducheon)
FormatK-Pop music
First air date
14 November 1996
WebcastListen Live
WebsiteSBS Radio Website


  • 1996-10 : Seoul Broadcasting System made plans for a FM radio station to complement HLSQ.
  • 1996-10-30 : Seoul Broadcasting System started FM test broadcast.
  • 1996-11-14 : SBS Power FM Launched.
  • 2003 : SBS Regional FM Network completed.
  • 2004 : Started South Korea's first internet radio broadcast via Gorealra PC application.
  • 2005 : Started South Korea's first internet visual radio (BORA) broadcast.
  • 2010-11-09 : SBS Power FM Dongducheon relay station started broadcasting.
  • 2012 : SBS Power FM topped Rating rank for the first half of the year.
  • 2016-11-14 : Celebrated 20th anniversary.


Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi ProvinceEdit

Callsign Frequency Power (㎾)
HLSQ-FM FM 107.7㎒ 10㎾

Other ProvincesEdit

  • Dongducheon via Dongducheon SBS on FM 100.3㎒
  • Gangwon via HLCG-FM on FM 103.1㎒, FM 105.1㎒, FM 106.1㎒, FM 99.3㎒ and FM 88.3㎒
  • Daejeon Chungnam Sejong via HLDF-FM on FM 95.7㎒ and FM 96.5㎒
  • Cheongju via HLDR-FM on FM 101.5㎒, FM 97.9㎒ and FM 102.7㎒
  • Jeonju via HLDQ-FM on FM 90.1㎒
  • Gwangju Jeonnam via HLDH-FM on FM 101.1㎒ and FM 96.7㎒
  • Daegu Gyeongbuk via HLDE-FM on FM 99.3㎒, FM 99.7㎒ and FM 106.5㎒
  • Busan Gyeongnam via HLDG-FM on FM 99.9㎒, FM 96.3㎒, FM 102.5㎒, FM 105.5㎒ and FM 106.7㎒
  • Ulsan via HLDP-FM on FM 92.3㎒
  • Jeju via HLQC-FM on FM 101.5㎒
  • Seogwipo via HLKJ-FM on FM 98.5㎒
  • Hallim via HLQC-FM on FM 95.9㎒


  • Cho Jung-shik's Fun Fun Today^^
  • Kim Young-chul's Power FM^
  • Kim Chang-wan's Beautiful Morning^^
  • Jang Ye-won's Cinetown^^
  • Choi Hwa-jung's Power Time^
  • Jeong Chan-woo and Kim Tae-gyun's CulTwo Show^
  • DJ Boom's BoomBoomPower^^
  • Park So-Hyeon's Love Game^^
  • Lee Joon's Youngstreet^^
  • Bae Sung-jae's TEN^^
  • Woo Won-jae's Music High^^
  • Kim Joo-woo's Pops Station^^

^ Heard Nationwide through Regional Affiliates
^^ Heard through selected Regional Affiliates


  • SBS Power FM is South Korea's top-rated FM station. In the latest 2020 1st quarter radio survey SBS Power FM ranked No.1 Followed by TBS FM at No.2, CBS Music FM at No.3, MBC FM4U at No.4, KBS Radio 2 at No.5 and SBS Love FM at No.6.
  • Devoted SBS Power FM listeners (aka SBS Power FM fans) mostly in their 20s to 30s are called Everlasting because the station is the only one to air only k-pop music unlike KBS Cool FM which airs mostly trot at some shows and MBC FM4U which also airs foreign music at some timeslots. due to the popularity of the station the fans wants the FM station to last forever.

Logo SongEdit

Logo song is the short jargon placed in-between some ads during program broadcasting, and also to start and to end every program.

Korean Lyrics English Translation Airing Period Notes
SBS~ 파워 FM~ SBS~ Power FM~ 1995 ~ 2000, 2016 ~ present 2016 version is new version sung by IU (singer)
파워~ FM! Power~ FM! 2000–present -
I'VE GOT THE POWER~ Yeah~ I'VE GOT THE POWER~ SBS 파워 FM! I've got the power~ Yeah~ I've got the power~ SBS Power FM! 2016 ~ present sung by Kim Yeon-woo
그대와 발을 맞춰 나란히~ 행복을 만나러 가는 길(행복해~) 기분 좋은 콧노래가 랄랄라~ 그대와 함께 언제나~ (SBS~) 파워 FM~ Standing side-by-side with you~ in the road to find happiness (I'm happy~) Humming in joy lalala~ Anytime I'm with you~ (SBS~) Power FM~ 2016 ~ present -
대한민국 1등 Radio~ 107.7 SBS~ 파워 FM! South Korea's Number 1 Radio~ 107.7 SBS~ Power FM! 2017 ~ present "107.7" is sung in English

20th Anniversary Song ProjectEdit

Title Artist Release Peak chart positions Sales (DL)

"That’s All" (Korean그뿐야) Park So-hyun x Leo (VIXX) 20 September 2016[2] TBA
  • KOR: TBA
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.

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