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SBS Eight O'Clock News (Also known as SBS 8 News (SBS 8 뉴스 in Korean)) is the flagship nightly newscast of the Seoul Broadcasting System. Airing from 19:55~20:50 KST, the newscast is known for breaking the tradition of airing news at 21:00 mastered by KBS with KBS News 9, MBC with MBC Newsdesk and JTBC with JTBC Newsroom, which gave the slogan: "News an hour earlier".

SBS Eight O'Clock News
SBS 8 뉴스
Created bySBS
Developed bySBS News Division
Presented byWeekdays:
Kim Hyun-woo
Choi Hye-rim
Kim Bum-joo
Kim Min-hyung
Narrated byWeekdays:
Choi Hye-rim (headlines)
Kim Min-hyung (headlines)
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
Camera setupMultiple-camera setup
Running time50 Minutes (Seoul, weekdays, including commercials)
30 minutes (Provincial areas, Weekdays, including commercials)
40 minutes (Seoul, weekends, including commercials)
15 minutes (Provincial areas, weekends, including commercials)
Original networkSBS
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio format2-channel Dolby Digital
Original release9 December 1991 –
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It premiered on 9 December 1991, in conjunction with SBS' launch. In commemoration of the broadcaster's 20th anniversary on 9 December 2011, SBS 8 News celebrated its 20th anniversary, making it the longest-running nightly newscast airing on a private broadcaster.


Current segmentsEdit

  • Mobile Coverage - this seems to be a segment similar to MBC Newsdesk's Camera Launch, KBS News 9's Tracing 1234 and JTBC Newsroom's Close Camera where reporters cover stories in-depth based on reports from citizens.
  • What is The Truth? - this is a segment where Lee Kyung-won appears in-studio to fact-check statements given by politicians or important events that happened within the country. Towards the end of the segment, they decide if the statement is true through 5 categories: Facts (사실), Almost True (거의 사실), True & False (사실 & 거짓), Almost Untrue (거의 거짓) and Lies (거짓). A mascot named Factkio (팩트키오) also appears during the broadcast.
  • Panda to The End - a segment similar to Newsroom's Exploration Plus, it's a recurring segment where Kim Jong-won cover a certain story in-depth. The segment uses a panda as its mascot.
  • Issue Report: An In-depth Look/Field Report: Going Without Reservations/We Have a Tip! - established on March 23, 2019, these three segments seem to be similar to Mobile Coverage and Panda to the End.
  • Healthy Life - a segment where medical reporter Cho Dong-chan analyzes issues related to health.
  • Cultural Line - a Friday-only segment where reporters do stories related to entertainment, education and other aspects of culture.
  • SBS Sports News - this is a segment where Kim Yoon-sang (on weekdays) and Joo Si-eun (on weekends) present sports news. On March 30, 2020, Lee Seung-gi made an appearance towards the end of the segment as a part of their SBS intern special episode of Master in the House. This episode also showed Cha Eun-woo hosting the radio broadcast, while Yang Se-hyung served as Lee's backup in case of unexpected circumstances. Shin Sung-rok and Kim Dong-hyun helped out in the production side.
  • SBS Weather - the weather segment presented by Lee Yeo-jin on weekdays, Yang Tae-bin on Saturdays and Jung Joo-hee on Sundays.

Former segmentsEdit

  • Inside the Stock Market - it was a compilation of eight economy-related stories where reporters from the economy and securities team also show the stock market trades through computer graphics.
  • Economic Indicators - it is similar with Inside the Stock Market above, only aired on weekdays.
  • Today in History - it shows a significant historical event that happened that day.


Currently, SBS 8 News is presented by Kim Hyun-woo and Choi Hye-rim on weekdays, while Kim Bum-joo and Kim Min-hyung present it on weekends. Kim Yoon-sang and Joo Si-eun present the sports news on weekdays and weekends, respectively. Lee Yeo-jin presents the weather forecast on weekdays, while Yang Tae-bin and Jung Joo-hee do it on weekends.

Main presentersEdit

Role Name Duration Notes
Main anchor (weekday) Maeng Hyung-kyu
December 9, 1991—September 18, 1995
Kim Hyung-min
As weekend main anchor:

October 28, 1994—September 24, 1995

As weekday main anchor:

September 19, 1995—October 11, 1996 October 19, 1998—August 7, 2000

Song Do-kyun
October 14, 1996—June 27, 1997 This was during SBS 9:00 News.
Jeon Yong-hak
June 30, 1997—October 16, 1998
Lee Young-joon
As weekend main anchor:

October 24, 1994—April 16, 2000

As weekday main anchor:

August 8, 2000—February 27, 2004

As one-time weekend main anchor:

February 29, 2004

He also served as the director of SBS' Suwon bureau.
Park Sang-kyu
March 1, 2004—October 28, 2005 He's currently the director for Channel A's news bureau.
Shin Dong-wook
October 31, 2005—March 18, 2011

January 1, 2015—December 16, 2016

He was the longest-serving main anchor of the newscast and currently the director for TV Chosun's news bureau and TV Chosun News 9's main anchor.
Kim Sung-joon
March 21, 2011—December 31, 2014

December 19, 2016—May 19, 2017

Kim Hyun-woo
As weekend main anchor:

December 24, 2016—May 21, 2017

As weekday main anchor:

May 22, 2017—present

Sub-anchor (weekday) Choi Young-im
March 23, 1992—April 15, 1994
Han Soo-jin
As weekend sub-anchor:

June 5, 1993—April 17, 1994

As weekday sub-anchor:

April 18, 1994—March 29, 2002

She also served as anchor during SBS 9:00 News.
Kwak Sang-eun
As weekday sub-anchor:

April 1, 2002—February 27, 2004

As one-time weekend sub-anchor:

February 29, 2004

She is currently SBS News' policy and culture team leader.
Kim So-won
As weekend sub-anchor:

April 6, 2002—February 28, 2004

As weekday sub-anchor:

March 1, 2004—March 18. 2011

She was the longest-serving sub-anchor of the newscast.
Park Sun-young
As weekend sub-anchor:

May 10, 2008—March 20, 2011

As weekday sub-anchor:

March 21, 2014—July 18,


Choi Hye-rim
As weekend sub-anchor:

July 23, 2011—January 15, 2012

July 7, 2012—September 14, 2014

As weekday sub-anchor:

December 19, 2016—present

Main anchor (weekend) Jung Sung-hwan
December 14, 1991—March 22, 1992
Jung Sung-geun
July 7, 1995—April 25. 1993

October 7, 2000—March 31, 2002

Lee Seung-yeol
May 1, 1993—October 22, 1994
Shin Won-soo
October 26, 1996—June 29, 1997
Park Soo-taek
April 22, 2000—October 1, 2000
Hong Ji-man
March 6, 2002—February 28. 2004
Park Jin-ho
March 6, 2004—March 20, 2011
Song Wook
March 26, 2011—July 17, 2011
Pyeon Sang-wook
July 23. 2011—February 21, 2016 He is currently the anchor of SBS Nightline.
Park Hyun-suk
February 27, 2016—December 18, 2016
Kim Yong-tae
May 27, 2017—July 1, 2018
Kim Bum-joo
July 7, 2018—present He filled in for Kim Hyun-woo when he got married to Lee Yeo-jin and took a leave from December 16-20, 2019.
Sub-anchor (weekend) Kim Young
July 5, 1992—November 29, 1992
Song Sun-kyung
December 6, 1992—April 25, 1993
Choi Young-joo
April 23, 1994—October 23. 1994
Lee Ji-hyun
October 29, 1994—June 29, 1997
Lee Hyun-kyung
July 6, 1997—June 28. 1998
Go Hee-kyung
July 4, 1998—April 16, 2000
Choi Young-ah
April 22, 2000—April 29, 2001
Kim Sung-kyung
May 5, 2001—March 31, 2002
Yoon Hyun-jin
March 6, 2004—May 4. 2008
Jang Sun-yi
March 26, 2011—July 17, 2011
Jung Mi-sun
As weekday sub-anchor:

July 21, 2014—December 16, 2016

As weekend sub-anchor:

January 21. 2012—July 1, 2012

May 27, 2017—March 17, 2019

Lee Hye-seung
September 20, 2014—December 18, 2016
Jang Ye-won
December 24. 2016—May 21. 2017
Kim Min-hyung
March 23, 2019—present

Broadcast timesEdit

Year Date Time Airing Title Notes
1991 December 9 20:00-20:30 Every day SBS 8 News first broadcast under the current title; SBS' first flagship newscast
1992 March 30 20:00-20:45 Weekdays runtime extension
Juiy 5 Every day absorbed SBS News Show
1993 April 26 Weekdays: 20:00-20:45 runtime extension on weekends
Weekends: 20:00-20:20
May 31 Weekdays: 20:00-20:45
Weekends: 20:00-20:30
October 18 Weekdays: 20:00-20:45
Weekends: 20:00-20:35
1994 April 18 Weekdays: 20:00-20:45
Weekends: 20:00-20:40
October 24 20:00-20:45 Weekdays separated with weekend newscast SBS News 2000
1997 March 3 21:00-21:45 SBS 9:00 News title and weekday timeslot change
May 19 21:00-21:50 runtime extension
June 30 Weekdays: 20:00-20:45 Every day SBS 8 News integration with News Q; return to the current title
Weekends: 20:00-20:30 timeslot variations
October 27 Weekdays: 20:00-20:50
Weekends: 20:00-20:35
1998 March 2 Weekdays: 20:00-20:40
Weekends: 20:00-20:35
October 19 Weekdays: 20:00-20:45
Weekends: 20:00-20:35
1999 April 5 Weekdays: 20:00-20:40
Weekends: 20:00:20:35
2004 March 1 Weekdays: 20:00-20:40
Weekends: 20:00-20:35
2008 April 28 Weekdays: 20:00-20:45 absorbed SBS Sports News on weekends
Weekends: 20:00-20:40
2012 November 5 Weekdays: 20:00-20:50 absorbed SBS Sports News on weekdays
Weekends: 20:00-20:35
2013 March 11 Weekdays: 20:00-20:55 timeslot variations
Weekends: 20:00-20:50
July 1 Weekdays: 20:00-20:55
Weekends: 20:00-20:45
2019 April 15 Weekdays: 19:55-20:55
Weekends: 20:00-20:45
May 13 Weekdays: 20:00-20:55
Weekends: 20:00-20:45
2020 March 30 Weekdays: 19:50-20:50
Weekends: 20:00-20:45

Local versionsEdit

Local newscasts are aired after SBS 8 NEWS at 20:35 on weekdays. A typical newscast runs for 20 minutes on weekdays and 10 minutes on weekends. The local newscasts pre-empt the SBS 8 NEWS Sports news and Business news segment.

Station Local Newscast Hosts
KNN KNN NEWS eye Kim Je-hyun and Kim Da-rom
TBC TBC 8 NEWS Kwon Joon-bum and Kim Myung-mi (weekdays), Lee Hyang-won and Kim Da-eun (weekends)
UBC UBC PRIME NEWS Yeon Jung-taek and Jang Soo-jung
TJB TJB 8 NEWS Roh Dong-hyun and Kim Hyun-ji
G1 G1 8 NEWS Kim Woo-jin and Park Sun-young
CJB CJB 8 NEWS Hwang Soo-dong and Yeon Kyu-ok
JTV JTV 8 NEWS Lee Seung-hwan and Seo Joo-young
KBC KBC 8 NEWS Lee In-soo and Kang Min-kyung (weekdays), Go Eun-cheon (weekends)
JIBS JIBS 8 NEWS Lee Yong-tak and Kim Ji-hyun (weekdays), Kim Min-hyung and Lee Jung-min (Saturdays)

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