Sıla (TV series)

Sıla is a Turkish television series directed by Gül Oğuz for ATV and ATV Avrupa (Europe) in 2006.[1] On September 15, 2006, ATV started broadcasting Sila. The last episode was broadcast on September 20, 2008.

Sila logo.png
Sila Logo
GenreRomantic drama
Created byGül Oğuz
Written bySema Ergenekon
Eylem Canpolat
Muharrem Buhara
Bektaş Topaloğlu
Directed byGül Oğuz
Yasin Uslu
StarringCansu Dere
Mehmet Akif Alakurt
Zeynep Eronat
Menderes Samancılar
Fatoş Tez
Theme music composerMurat Tunali
Can Hatipoğlu
Country of originTurkey
Original languageTurkish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes79
ProducerNezihe Dikilitaş
Production locationsIstanbul, Turkey
Mardin, Turkey
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time90 minutes (with commercials)
Production companiesFm Yapım
Most Production
Original networkATV
Picture format576i SDTV
Original releaseSeptember 15, 2006 (2006-09-15) –
September 20, 2008 (2008-09-20)

Sila began airing in the Arab World in 2010 and gained great popularity and success throughout its run. In Greece the projection of Sila started the June 10, 2012 at Mega Channel. In Croatia, this series was aired from December 2012 to May 2013 on Nova TV. In Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina this series started on December 15, 2013 at 20:00 on RTV Pink, Pink M and Pink BH, and it became one of the highest watched Turkish TV series breaking all records.

In Slovakia started on August 5, 2013 on channel TV Doma and was breaking channel records. In Slovenia started on May 15, 2014 on channel POP TV, and in North Macedonia on October 1, 2014 on Sitel TV. In Romania started on January 5, 2015 on the channels PRO TV (the first 4 episodes) and Acasă (all of episodes). In Bulgaria started on February 9, 2015 on channel bTV. In Chile started on March 8, 2015 on channel Mega, in Colombia in 2016 it will be released soon by RCN Television. In Brazil started on 2016, as part of TV Bandeirantes programation.


Season Episodes Episodes range Originally aired Season's years
First aired Last aired
1 38 1 - 38 September 15, 2006 June 15, 2007 2006 - 2007
2 37 39 - 75 September 14, 2007 June 6, 2008 2007 - 2008
3 4 76 - 79 August 29, 2008 September 19, 2008 2008


Sila is a girl given to a wealthy family in Istanbul. Her biological parents gave her away because she was sick. Later, her biological father, Celil, and her brother, Azad, which she believed have died, come to take her away claiming that her mother was very sick and needed to see her before she died. However, she was brought up with deception to marry Boran, the boss of Mardin tribe, to repay a debt of her brother Azad for escaping with Narin, the sister of the tribe leader Boran. (In the Mardin tribe the tradition says if someone tries to steal a girl or flees with a girl, they either have to kill them both or the boy’s family has to give a girl from their family in return) Sila and her Father go to Mardin in order to meet Sila’s family but just after a few days, her father has to return for an urgent work. Nevertheless, Sila decides to stay a little bit longer. As she is getting ready thinking that they are celebrating her brother Azad’s wedding and her return together. However, the reality was they were marrying her of to Boran, the boss of Mardin tribe. During her stay on Mardin, Sila suffered pressure for Boran parents, she helps her servant and friend Ayse, and tries to change injustices caused by the tribal customs. Sila escapes with Narin and Azad to Istanbul. Boran is willing to do anything to comply with tradition: to kill his "wife" and his sister and her husband Azad. Because as the tradition written says that Sila has to die if she runs away.

In the end, Sila and Boran are happy and even expecting their twin daughters Sude and Bade. In addition, Boran is again declared as the boss of the Mardin tribe, in the end everyone seems happy.


  • Cansu Dere as Sila Sönmez/Özdemir/Genco - Wife of Boran, mother of Bedirhan, daughter of Bedar & Celil, sister of Azad, Dilan & Emir
  • Mehmet Akif Alakurt as Boran Ağa/Boran Genco - Leader of Mardin tribe, husband of Sila, father of Bedirhan, son of Kevser & Firuz Ağa, brother of Narin
  • Zeynep Eronat as Bedar Sönmez - Wife of Celil, mother of Sila, Azad, Dilan & Emir
  • Menderes Samancılar as Celil Sönmez - Husband of Bedar, father of Sila, Azad, Dilan & Emir
  • Fatoş Tez as Kevser Genco/Kevser Hanım/Hanım Ağa - Wife of Firuz Ağa, mother of Boran & Narin
  • Fatoş Sezer as Mehveş - Sister of Bedar, aunt of Sila, Azad, Dilan & Emir
  • Muhammed Cangören as Zinar Genco - Brother of Firuz Ağa, father of Cihan & Dilaver, uncle of Boran & Narin
  • Kartal Balaban as Emre Türkoğlu - Friend & in love with Sila, son of Kenan
  • Devrim Saltoğlu as Cihan Genco - Son of Zinar, brother of Dilaver, husband of Ümmü, kills to Azad, killed shot by Burhan
  • Cemal Toktaş as Azad Sönmez - Son of Bedar & Celil, husband of Narin, brother of Sila, Dilan & Emir, killed by Cihan
  • Boncuk Yılmaz as Narin Genco/Narin Sönmez - Wife of Azad, daughter of Kevser & Firuz Ağa, sister of Boran
  • Tayanç Ayaydın as Abay - Best friend and "brother" of Boran
  • İsmet Hürmüzlü as Firuz Ağa/Firuz Genco #1 - Former leader of Mardin tribe, husband of Kevser, father of Boran & Narin, brother of Zinar
  • Namık Kemal Yiğittürk as Firuz Ağa/Firuz Genco #2 - Former leader of Mardin tribe, husband of Kevser, father of Boran & Narin, brother of Zinar
  • Vural Tantekin as Şivan - Brother of Ayşe, employee of Boran
  • Celil Nalçakan as Dilaver Genco - Son of Zinar, brother of Cihan
  • Sermiyan Midyat as Berzan - commits suicide
  • Tarık Şerbetçioğlu as Burhan Özdemir - Nephew of Erkan & Nese, husband of Esma, kill shot to Cihan, killed by prisoner in jail
  • Gökçe Yanardağ as Esma Özdemir - Wife of Burhan, mistress of Cihan, try to kills shot to Sila
  • İpek Tanrıyar as Zeynep
  • Esra Akhisarlı as Zeliha
  • Duygu Eriçok as Dr. Ceren
  • Serap Doğan as Ümmü - Wife of Cihan
  • Sinem Yaruk as Ayşe - Sister of Şivan, servant of Boran
  • Mehmet Dağ as Emir Sönmez - Son of Bedar & Celil, brother of Sila, Azad & Dilan
  • Hümeyra Akbay as Nese Özdemir - Wife of Erkan, step-mother of Sila, killed in car accident
  • Cüneyt Turel as Erkan Özdemir - Husband of Nese, step-father of Sila, killed in car accident
  • Zeynep Anıl Tatdıran as Dilan Sönmez - Daughter of Bedar & Celil, sister of Sila, Azad & Emir
  • Burçin Oraloğlu as Kenan Türkoğlu - Father of Emre
  • Sema Mumcu as Gizem
  • Muzaffer Demirel as Edip
  • Yüksel Arıcı as Ahmet Ağa - try to kills to Boran, ends up goes to jail
  • Boğaçhan Yağ as Ömer
  • Emin Yaşar as Osman
  • Gürol Güngör as Samim
  • Nalan Gücüpek as Dr. Duygu Kaya


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