Sóc Trăng province

Sóc Trăng (Vietnamese: [ʂawk͡p̚˧˦ ʈaŋ˧˧] (listen)) is a province in the Mekong Delta of southern Vietnam, with its capital in Sóc Trăng. The province occupies an area of 3,223 km², and has a population of approximately 1,213,400.

Sóc Trăng province
Tỉnh Sóc Trăng
Rural Sóc Trăng
Rural Sóc Trăng
Location of Sóc Trăng within Vietnam
Location of Sóc Trăng within Vietnam
Coordinates: 9°40′N 105°50′E / 9.667°N 105.833°E / 9.667; 105.833Coordinates: 9°40′N 105°50′E / 9.667°N 105.833°E / 9.667; 105.833
Country Vietnam
RegionMekong Delta
CapitalSóc Trăng
 • People's Council ChairTrần Văn Lâu
 • People's Committee ChairLâm Văn Mẫn
 • Total3,223.30 km2 (1,244.52 sq mi)
 • Total1,721,800
 • Density530/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
 • EthnicitiesVietnamese (64.83%),[1] Khmer, Hoa
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Area codes299
ISO 3166 codeVN-64


Sóc Trăng province lies roughly between 9°14'N and 9°56'N latitude and between 105°34'E and 106°18'E longitude. It is bordered by Trà Vinh to the northeast, Vĩnh Long to the north, Hậu Giang to the northwest and Bạc Liêu to the south. To the south east of Sóc Trăng is 72 kilometres (45 mi) of coastline of the South China Sea. The province has two large rivers: the Hậu River and the Mỹ Thanh River. The capital of Sóc Trăng province is Sóc Trăng city. It is 231 kilometres (144 mi) from Hồ Chí Minh City.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Sóc Trăng is subdivided into 11 district-level sub-divisions:

  • 9 districts:

They are further subdivided into 12 commune-level towns (or townlets), 80 communes, and 17 wards.


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