Séd is a river in western Hungary, north of Lake Balaton. It is 70 kilometres (43 mi) long and flows through the city of Veszprém. It starts in the Bakony region and is a tributary to the Sárvíz near Cece.[1]

Veszprem Sed.jpg
The Séd in Veszprém
Physical characteristics
 • location
 • coordinates
47°09′06″N 18°20′58″E / 47.15167°N 18.34944°E / 47.15167; 18.34944Coordinates: 47°09′06″N 18°20′58″E / 47.15167°N 18.34944°E / 47.15167; 18.34944
Length70 km (43 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionSárvízSióDanubeBlack Sea

The river once had many watermills along its length.[1] The first recorded water wheel on the Séd was donated by Gisela of Hungary to Bakonybél Abbey in 1037.[2]


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